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Madeira tips you wanted and so Madeira tips you’ll get. This post goes out to last week’s reader request. Although I haven’t been to this destination, there’s nothing better than topping up my travel knowledge through other blogs. Whilst some people hate researching and would rather head straight to a travel agent, I love pouring over the pages and discovering new travel blogs. The only problem is that it gives me a major pining to visit even more places (Madeira now included).

Here are seven pearls of wisdom (#7POW) on tips and noteworthy things to see and do in Madeira:

#7POW, Seven Pearls of Wisdom, Pearls of Wisdom

 Cable Cars

A Luxury Travel Blog recommends a few cable car routes. Apparently the downward journey from Almirante Reis (in old Funchal) to Monte is via a speedy wicker toboggan, pushed by two locals. Sounds fun! Click the link to read this blog’s other Madeira suggestions. The picture quality isn’t that great, but this video by davidjellis2 should get you excited!

 Cotton Trees

As the Bird Flies mentioned cotton trees in her blog post about Madeira. This island is famed for nature, including pretty flowers and shrubs, but you probably weren’t expecting interesting trees like these ones. I certainly wasn’t. Click the link to read Frankie’s other Madeira musings.

 Taxi Vouchers

Supposedly introduced in January 2014, taxi vouchers will be available in Madeira. The purpose is to make taxi fares more affordable and I guess to simplify the system. Available throughout the island, including the airport, there are plans to make the available online too. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for so that you can save more pennies for activities and fun. You can find more information on this here.


Thanks to Madeira’s landscape (tall mountains and off-shore winds) and according to Trekity, it’s a great place to try paragliding. There are eighteen launch sites, mostly in the southern part of the island. First-timers will need to do a tandem paraglide. Prices seem to be around 80-90 Euros.  See other Madeira tips in Trekity’s blog post.

Paragliding, Madeira, Portugal, Travel Blog, Madeira Tips

 Miradouro Do Cabo Girao

Wine Travel Stories says Miradouro Do Cabo Girao is the second highest cliff in the world. It’s also the highest promontory (a posh word for a raised bit of land that juts out into the sea) in Europe.  See if you’re brave enough walk on the glass floor overlooking the vineyards and ocean some 580 metres below. The views look incredible – just check out the great video by Paulo Serrão if you don’t believe me.  Click the link to read the full Madeira blog post.

 Pico Ruivo

Embrace the natural landscape of Madeira by trying a 5.6km hike. Pico Ruivo is Madeira’s highest peek. You can walk the trail from Achada da Teixeira either on your own or with an expert guide. The cloud views make a worthy reward for your efforts.  You can read GlobalGrasshopper’s other recommendations for beautiful places in Madeira by clicking the link.

Pico-Ruivo, Madeira, Portugal, Madeira Tips, Travel Blog, Madiera, Madeira Tips

 Porto Moniz

Gasp in wonder at the ridiculously rich blue lava pools at Porto Moniz. Found in the north-west of Madeira, they’re supposedly too cold to swim in, but absolutely beautiful to look at. After trawling the internet for blog posts on this island, The Peanut Life definitely has some of the very best photos of Madeira.

Getting Here

A three hour or so flight from Gatwick Airport in the UK, Madeira is an island nearby to mainland Portugal and just 400km from the Canary Islands. It’s also not too far from Morocco. Take advantage of affordable flights from the UK through easyJet or Monarch.

Do you have any recommendations or tips for travels in Madeira? Please share them by leaving a comment below.

If you haven’t been, do you fancy a visit? What would be the first you would do during your time in Madeira? I’d love to hear from you. X

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