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Hey all! It’s been a while since I sat down to write a blog post and it’s about time I got back to it, so I thought I’d start with a little life lately post. I realise it’s not that beneficial in helping you plan your travels, but I like reading these kinds of posts and it’s been a while, so here we are. I hope you’ll forgive my indulgence.

It’s probably only noticeable to me, but I fell off the blogging bandwagon last autumn. It was due to a number of reasons.

Who Turned the Lights Out?

I went back to my day job. My maternity leave ended, so I went back to work in September and no surprises here, but it’s hard to work, parent, blog and study. I’m not even going to mention exercise because there was barely enough room to sleep, let alone work out. By the time I’d put my little ones to bed I had about an hour to clean up the day’s mess, get my stuff ready for the next day, reply to a couple of messages and that was it. Sometimes I had great intentions to blog that evening, but tiredness would kick in and being honest, sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered. My light dimmed a little.

A House is a Home

Moving home nearly finished me off. We started trying to sell our house in January 2018 and we sold it a few times, but it kept falling through. We then struggled to find a house we wanted to buy or would lose the one we wanted because of our sale collapsing. Living in limbo land and trying to keep your house pristine for viewings is draining. I was SO over it all. Nova kept asking if our new house was ready, half of our stuff was packed and I was sick of having a comprised home. We couldn’t travel very much and that was probably the worst bit for me. I realise I’m very privileged to even have a home to sell, but I guess you can only really feel your own situation and at the time it was bloody hard. I think the move killed a bit of my creativity too.

We *finally* moved home in December. It’s completely different to our old house and so it feels a bit weird to admit that it feels so good. It makes me so, so happy. We lived in a former 18th century pub in a tiny village. I adored that stone-built house with its massive windows and high ceilings and love the idea of village life. We were so sad when we realised we needed to move. That house was where we became a family, so it felt like a huge milestone.

When we started our new search we were looking for a similar set-up, but a bit bigger so our two could have their own rooms. Despite looking in a whole county it didn’t exist for our budget.

In my despair I started researching Canadian visas and got wrapped up in a romanticised nomad lifestyle. We then sat down and considered our lifestyle and looked at the nitty gritty. We decided to look at old houses in more urban areas and luckily found our current home; a neglected Victorian near a well-loved open space that’s only a 20-minute walk into town. We fell in love with it as soon as we stepped inside.

Previously I drove everywhere because the pavement in the village was either non-existent or too narrow for a pushchair and the rolling fields are beautiful, but sties and mounds of mud are not ideal with two under three years old. I’m loving now being able to nip out with the pushchair. I barely use my car and it feels great. Nova whizzes about on his scooter or the two of them run wherever we’re going. I can walk to the doctors, dentist, cafes, local shops, parks, most of their classes and well, everything – it feels like we’re part of a community.

We’ve spent the last four months renovating the house with a pot of money we’d saved. New bathroom, carpets, heating, ceilings; fresh paint on every inch (I never want to lift a paintbrush again!). Walls have been smashed and rebuilt, we’ve had bespoke storage built and who knows what else. So yeah, the last four months have been consumed with that very hard, but very rewarding project. I’ve filmed and photographed the process, so I hope I’ll get round to publishing that soon.

Room for More

In January I also started the next part of my counselling course. I go to evening college every week and have to complete various assignments, so that’s wiped a few evenings each week too. I’m feeling tired just writing this post – ha!

There’s also been a lot of fun happening and let’s face it, living a full life leaves little blogging time! We’ve been enjoying the new neighbourhood with trips to local cafes, we’ve had a trip to Egypt and to Valencia, lots of days out and catching up with friends and family. Yeah, lots of general, but super fun life.

Twinkly Lights

Anyway, now that the house works have calmed down and I’m finding little sparks of creativity popping into my head and it’s lovely.  I have a million blog posts I want to write, I’m enjoying a bit of self-care through reading and bubble baths (next step a weekly run?!) and I’m wanting to make things. I recently made Nova and Kit matching jackets and while it was quite easy, it still felt good.

So if someone has just turned the dimmer switch up a little, even if it’s just for a short time, I’m going to enjoy this new light.

So tell me, what have I missed? What have you been up to and can you relate?

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