Review: Koochi Kickstart Havana Toddler Car Seat

As of August 2019 the Koochi Kickstart Havana car seat has now been discontinued, but you can still find a number of other designs by the same parent company (Cosatto).

If you’re looking for a lightweight, cool baby car seat for travelling with your mini-explorers, the Koochi Kickstart Havana car seat could well be your answer.

We have two cars and now that Nova is out of his newborn car seat, we have two car seats that stay fixed into the car for everyday use. They are big, bulky and expensive, so they stay buckled in.

This is where the gorgeous Kickstart Havana car seat comes into play. We needed a car seat that we could easily take on our travels. We’ve given up playing the risky car seat roulette game that comes about with hiring a car, especially overseas. Despite booking ahead, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that there will be a car seat for you and if there is, what condition it will be in, what make etc. We’ve been handed some questionable car seats to say the least and on one of our bigger family trips, our nephew nearly ended up without one despite it being booked months ahead.

Koochi, Car Seat, Toddler Seat, Havana, Review

So, step forward the Koochi car seat. There are so many reasons to love this brand and in particular, this car seat for your travels; the design, the packaging (yep, you heard me correctly), the lightness, the price…I could go on.

Seven Reasons to Love the Koochi Kickstart Havana Toddler Car Seat

It’s So Pretty

It comes in a gorgeous teal and turquoise pattern and it’s adorned with the cutest little print that reads “Adventure is out there”. When I first read that it really did make me smile and added to that addictive travel anticipation feeling you get when you have an adventure to go on. If only you could bottle that stuff, eh?

Koochi, Car Seat, Toddler Seat, Havana, Review

Like Really, Really Pretty

I know it’s not particularly important, but the packaging is so beautiful too. I actually got excited when I saw the Aztec print on the box. Since when did cardboard boxes get so cool?! You can see what I mean in this video I made over Christmas for Vlogmas.

It’s Feather Light

On a more practical level this car seat scores well on being so, so light. I can lift it with one hand and swing it about with ease (obviously without Nova in it).

If you’ve travelled with your little one(s) you’ll know just how much stuff you have to take with you. Those hand luggage only days are over, so the last thing you want is another bit of hefty equipment to cart about.

Koochi, Car Seat, Toddler Seat, Havana, Review

It’s Safe

Continuing on the practical level, the car seat has been fully tested to ECE R44/04, which basically means that it complies with European testing standards.

Unlike our everyday car seats this one doesn’t use ISOFIX and isn’t rear facing. However, for our travels this works well. Some of the cars we’ve hired haven’t had ISOFIX points, so having the ability to secure this car seat with a three-point seatbelt locking system is really helpful.

Nova also enjoys the novelty of looking forward, easily seeing what’s going on and isn’t seeing the world what adventures are all about?

Koochi, Car Seat, Toddler Seat, Havana, Review

It’s Parent-Friendly

You don’t need to worry about the car seat being covered in mess because it has removable seat covers that can easily be washed.

You don’t need to waste time with complicated buttons either. It has a 5 point harness with one pull adjustment and a quick release buckle, so you can easily whip your mini-explorer in and out for pit stops along the way.

Koochi, Car Seat, Toddler Seat, Havana, Review

It’s Comfy

The car seat has a liner and padding in all the right places. The toddler version also has the ability of a 3-position recline, which is super handy. Nova can be wide awake, but as soon as he’s in the car he nearly always falls asleep, so it’s great to be able to tilt him back a bit.

It’s Affordable

The Kickstart Havana Toddler Car Seat retails at £124.95, so it’s an affordable bit of stylish equipment that you should get some really good use out of even if you only travel a few times a year. The toddler seat is suitable from 9kg to 18kg (so approx. 9 months to 4 years old).

Koochi, Car Seat, Toddler Seat, Havana, Review

If you watched some of my videos during Vlogmas you will have probably noticed that I’ve had this car seat for a little while. We’ve tried it out a few times now and I’d say that all in all it’s a great car seat for adventures with your mini-explorer.

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Koochi, Car Seat, Toddler Seat, Havana, Review

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P.S. Cosatto also offer equally cool travel-inspired pushchairs and travel systems, so well worth a browse!

Big thanks to Koochi for gifting me this car seat.

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