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Juicy Oasis is a Jason Vale retreat in Portugal. Jason is the ‘juice master’ that celebrities frequently turn to when they want to get a bit healthier. And Juicy Oasis is one of his two juice retreats. The other one is named Juicy Mountain and is in Turkey.

Juicy Oasis is modern, offering stylish accommodation in beautiful surroundings. It’s like going on a health retreat, but forgetting it’s about health. It’s fun, cool and believe it or not, enjoyable.

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Disclosure: My stay at Juicy Oasis was gifted in return for an honest review

What Happens at a Jason Vale Retreat?

Basically you embark on a detox; a mind and body cleanse, if you like. During the retreat you wave goodbye to solid food and hello to freshly made juices that are designed to kick start your body.

The juices are prepared on site and designed to add value. Each day is mapped out with three freshly made juices and one nutritious soup in the evening (in the summer the soup is replaced with another juice). Sometimes you might have a shot or two (don’t get excited, I’m talking the greens and wheatgrass variety), and throughout your stay you can use the herbal tea station as much as you like.

The retreat also includes a whole range of classes, from fat-burning fitness classes to body stretching yoga sessions. There are also led walks in the beautiful surrounding hills and of course, the chance to unwind in the outdoor pool.

You can also enjoy educational talks on how to return to the real world without sacrificing your health, advice sessions on buying your own juice master juicer and the option for additional sessions (for an extra fee), such as mastering the headstand or colon cleansing.

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Why Go to a Jason Vale Juice Retreat?

Of course, many people head to the retreat because they want to lose weight. Understandably if you ditch solid foods and switch to juice you will usually shed a few pounds (to say the least). Most guests average at least 7lb and within a few days my leggings were hanging off me.

However, many people head on a juice retreat to get back to basics. To give their body a cleanse, not necessarily with the intention of losing weight. To reset the system if you like. And that’s how I found myself at Juicy Oasis.

Even on the first day sitting in the wooden sauna, gazing out at the family of trees that stand to attention, reflected in the expanse of the lake, any worries, stresses and bustle of everyday life will evaporate from your pores. You’ll forget the piles of paperwork on your desk and that never-ending inbox. Life at Juicy Oasis in Portugal is a satisfying retreat from day one.

View from the sauna at Juicy Oasis Portugal

How Long Is the Juice Retreat?

Most guests visit for a 7-day period, though some opt for the Super Juice 28-days. The latter type of guests that I ran into were either determined to lose a lot of weight or trying to deal with an extremely intense job my detoxing their mind. The maximum length of time is four weeks.

Either way, a stay at the juice retreat results in the skin glowing, body shapes changing, and energy levels spiking. It’s quite unbelievable just how powerful juice and exercise can be.

 Juicy Oasis Portugal

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How Do You Survive Juicy Oasis Portugal?!

If you’re sitting at home scoffing your dinner as you read this, you might not even be able to contemplate juicing for a week and exercising. Yep, no food – or at least in the way you’ve been used to.

As a self-confessed chocoholic, and someone who grazes all day and doesn’t really have to worry about her weight I was apprehensive about whether I’d make it. I considered packing snacks in my bags, but decided to give the health retreat a chance.

Orange juice at Juicy Oasis Portugal

I’ll admit that I was dubious, but more so intrigued. I’d made juices at home before, but I’d always had them in addition to a meal. I never quite realised I’d have enough energy from a simple juice to forego solid food. 

By day two you’ll be surprised at how full you feel from something so healthy. It’s really not hard to live like this for week (which is a big statement coming from someone who likes to eat allll day).

Green shot juice at  Juicy Oasis Portugal

Managing the Cravings

I’m not going to lie though, I did have some pretty good fantasies, but it was amazing how they changed throughout the week. It started with a dream about a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and a Creme Egg, then by day two my cravings had already moved onto a salad with lashings of Parmesan cheese, and by day three I longed for a mezze of olives, salads, and tzatziki.

Considering how many of the juices were green it shocked me at how much I craved a salad. Supposedly, the detox programme leaves your body wanting alkaline foods.

The days were mapped out and so thanks to a busy schedule of fitness classes the time whizzed past. The classes aren’t compulsory, but they do help to keep you going. Some guests prefer to miss a class for a massage at the heavenly spa or a snooze in one of the floating cocoon pods, or even a colonic hydrotherapy session. However, if you’re visiting Juicy Oasis to lose weight, then the fitness really will make a difference.

There’s also something to be said for bonding. Experiencing something unique like a juice retreat gives way to quick starting friendships.

Red juice at  Juicy Oasis Portugal

Who Goes on a Juice Retreat?

Guests range from middle aged working professionals and young twenty somethings, to people that simply scrape the money together to celebrate a new chapter in their life.

Some travel with their partner or a group of friends, whilst others arrive on their own. Despite the varying circumstances, there’s a real community spirit at Juicy Oasis; from walks to the mountain well to rebounding on the wooden deck to classical music, there’s an opportunity to meet new faces and make friends.

Oh and there are plenty of celebrities too if the newspaper and magazine cuttings are to go by. I was worried about potentially showing my make-up free face to celebs, but I didn’t see any during my week-long visit (well, unless you count the juice master himself, Jason Vale).

 Juicy Oasis Portugal
Panoramic view from  Juicy Oasis Portugal
Rebounding trampoline view at  Juicy Oasis Portugal

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Accommodation at Juicy Oasis

Opened in 2013, Juicy Oasis is a full of opulence and luxury, but in a way that still seems homely. Accommodation is spread out across eco pods, ‘Viewless’, ‘Divine’, ‘Bubblicious’, ‘Delicious’ and ‘Scrumptious’ rooms.

Some rooms enjoy a private hot tub on their balcony, whilst other standard twin rooms (such as mine) still feel special, particularly when opening the patio doors overlooking the rippling lake in the morning. Even after a week, I didn’t tire of the view.

Lake view at Juicy Oasis Portugal

Stylish black bathrooms are filled with vegan friendly shampoos and conditioners, and rooms are kept chic with a few cute twists, such as the gorgeous retro phone. The indulgent layout and design is a really nice bubble to be wrapped in when you’re trying to detox your mind and body.

Twin bedroom at  Juicy Oasis Portugal
Blue retro phone at  Juicy Oasis Portugal

You can choose to book your own room, a twin room with someone you know, or be paired up by the hotel to keep costs down.

Jason Vale Reviews

Jason Vale, the self titled Juice Master, is the man behind the Juicy Oasis retreat. He has sold over 5million books around the world, has over 1 million app downloads, and has been juicing for over 20 years. If you’re going to try a juicy detox, he seems to be the man for the job.

There is so much high praise for the Juicy Oasis Boutique Health Retreat & Spa. You’ll find endless testimonials and praise on the website from the likes of Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon and Caroline Flack.

Nearly a quarter of the guests during my stay were repeat clients or on a two/three/four week stint, which speaks volumes in itself. The amount of satisfaction and pleasure that you’ll feel at the end of your visit is amazing. A stay at Juicy Oasis is an incredible personal adventure (perhaps even a challenge) that you just have to try for yourself.

Jason Vale reviews at  Juicy Oasis Portugal

Health Retreat Spa at Juicy Oasis

The Eden Spa is where a lot of recharging takes place. The relaxation cocoons are designed to mimic the gentle rocking of the womb. Hop in, snuggle up and drift off.

The spa at Juicy also offers a variety of treatments, including gentle aromatherapy massage through to their signature rainforest experience. It’s a safe haven in an already very welcoming and relaxing boutique. You can find the whole indulgent Juicy Oasis spa menu here.

Tips for Juicy Retreats

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Tips for your first visit to one of the juicy retreats

1. Laugh in the Face of Temptation

Yes, I know it’s scary to think that you won’t be eating any solid food for seven days, but try to resist taking emergency food supplies in your bag – they’ll only tempt you.

I tend to eat all day and was surprised at how well I coped. It wasn’t just me – all of the guests managed it.

At Juicy Oasis there is a small onsite shop that stocks some approved energy bars, so if you really do struggle you can buy one. Apparently one won’t interfere with your detox. Apparently a few months ago one guest worked out that she had eaten thirty-six bars during her one week stay! Kind of defies the point of a detox.

Nordic walking at Juicy Oasis Portugal

2. Save Some Luggage Space

If you’re staying at Juicy Oasis you will get your very own free beach towel to take home with you – sorry to spoil the surprise. The towels are actually really nice, so save some space in your luggage.

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3.  Be A Team Player

Do all of the activities that are mapped out for you. Apparently the transformation in body shape and weight is so different when you compare someone that just has the juices and someone that combines them with the workouts.

A few people were a bit dubious about yoga, especially the meditation one, but after the class they were so glad they had gone and went for the rest of the week. Give it a go, even if it’s just once. You’ve spent the money on the week/weekend so you may as well get the most out of it.

4. Jump In

Do the twenty minute stint in the sauna followed by the jump straight into the mountain water pool. Yes, it’s icy cold (even in summer), but your body will love you for it.

The difference in the temperatures is said to be really good for your lymph nodes. I hate feeling cold and I’m not a huge fan of water, so when they told me to jump I declared I would never do it. Fast forward to day two and a bit of competitiveness saw me do it. It was bloody freezing, but a trip back into the sauna soon warmed me up. It really helps with any achy limbs.

5. Pack Gloves

A pair of thin, regular gloves would be a good idea for your packing list. Even if you’re planning on visiting in a warmer month, the early mornings and late evenings can get a little chilly.

Most retreats in Europe are usually geared up for the summer even though they are open in the cooler months. I visited Portugal in February. During the daily walks through the Eucalyptus trees and around the river, I found that although my body heated up, my hands were always cold even in my pockets (damn my poor circulation).

6. Be You

If your sports wardrobe is full of Sweaty Betty then go ahead and wear it. If, your clobber is more Primark it really doesn’t matter.

I know Juicy Oasis is really pretty on the eyes, but don’t let this make you feel like you have to be in designer workout wear. There was a real mixture of fashion during my stay.

Don’t worry about having to have tamed hair and perfect make up either. The detox is as much about your lifestyle as it is your mind and body – give your skin a break and leave your hair to dry on its own even if that means it will be a little frizzy.

How to Get to Juicy Oasis

To get to the ‘juice retreat Portugal’ from the UK, catch a direct flight to Lisbon. You’ll find non-stop flights from London, Manchester and Luton offered by many airlines, including easyJet, Ryanair, BA and Wizz Air.

From Lisbon airport it’s a near two hour transfer that will capture your mind and soul.

White rocky landscapes that would feel at home in Dover disappear as your car journeys forward. The winding road climbs higher and higher, then swoops down like an eagle on the hunt. Tall, lean trees climb so high and at such a curved angle that it begs disbelief.

The transfer can be organised by Juicy Oasis and costs around £110 per person for a return transfer in a group. A taxi can cost more and as the juice retreat is in a remote area it’s probably not worth the hassle in my opinion. My group transfer was seamless and a nice chance to get to know some of the other guests.

The view of trees from Juicy Oasis in Portugal

Juicy Oasis Review and More Information

A week stay starts from £895. Returning guests or those wanting to opt for a consecutive stay can benefit from a 5% discount. For exact prices, availability and more info simply visit the Juicy Oasis site.

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