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Jobs in travel – do they exist and how do you get one? Landing the travel job of your dreams is the icing on the cake, but what about the journey? After all, Pinterest constantly reminds us that ‘it’s not about the destination, but the journey’.

What if you don’t really know what exactly it is that you’d like to do? You love travel, but you’re not sure if you’re that into sales. Perhaps you like writing about trips, but you don’t want to pack your bags for a life on the road. There are loads of paths leading to the travel industry, but knowing which one to take can be a bit of a minefield. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to enjoy the ride, soaking up every opportunity and bit of experience.

As part of the Travel Job feature here on Taylor Hearts Travel, here are seven pearls of wisdom (#7POW) on helping you to explore your travel job options.

jobs that travel, traveling jobs, travelling jobs, travel jobs

♥ Internships

Some of the best in the game have amazing internships available. Yes, quite often they’re unpaid. At a push your travel expenses will be covered. However, they’re a foot in the door if you like; a stepping stone to the right contacts. They can also provide you with invaluable experience in your chosen field, particularly if your CV is looking a little bare. If you do a good job (and why wouldn’t you if this is your passion?), you might even land yourself a full-time job. Internships usually last from a few weeks to a few months.

Travel Favourites:

Mr & Mrs Smith (Commercial, Accounts, PR, Marketing, Editorial, Partnerships)

Black Tomato (Marketing, Sales, Editorial)

♥ Research

Spend your mornings diving in the ocean and your afternoons sunbathing, and get paid for it. Didn’t know this was an actual real-life job? Well, this is precisely why you should do a bit of research. How else will you know what path to explore if you don’t know what’s out there? You’ll find interviews with offbeat travel jobs, like a Dive Master or Timekeeper, over in the Travel Jobs section of this blog. They’re honest and frank Q&As with people who have those dreamy travel jobs. They’ll give you the highs and the lows of the job, as well as helpful advice for bagging a similar role.

♥ Blog

Travel blogging is a great way to get your travel fix in-between trips. It’s also a great portfolio of your skills. Use it to showcase your photography, writing, and IT skills. Even more than that though, earn some partnerships with brands or PRs and you could also use them to talk about your negotiating and marketing skills in interviews. There’s nothing like living, breathing work experience that’s there for all to see. It sure beats a written recommendation from your previous employer.

Your blog is also a low-risk, low-cost way to explore lots of different travel roles. This is ideal if you’re not quite sure what you want to do. A blog is more than just writing about your adventures – it’s about SEO, pitching, marketing, web design…the list is endless. Having your own one will allow you to tap into so many different fields and you’ll soon notice which bit you enjoy the most. Better yet, someone else will notice. If you really know your stuff, you might even be able to make your travel blog your job, or at least the catalyst for blogging work. Amazing, right?

♥ Job Search

There are so many travel jobs out there. New ones ping up on a daily basis. Some locations, like London, have more opportunities often because the major travel employers are based there. Embassies, passport control, airlines – you’ll usually find them in major cities. That’s not to say you won’t find good opportunities elsewhere – you’ve just got to look a bit harder. If you’re still undecided on what you want to do in the travel world, job searching is a good way to get a bit of an idea of what roles exist, what they pay, and what kind of things you’ll be expected to do. Being a travel editor sounds exciting and glamorous, but quite often very limited travel is actually included.

Visit a few job sites and use words such as ‘travel’, ‘relocation’ or ‘tourism’ in your searches. Sign-up to job alerts based on them to receive notifications in your inbox. Beware though – if you see your dream job apply immediately. Travel jobs are in demand and you’ll often find they’re snapped up before you can even say ‘wow’.

Travel Favourites:

Gorkana (Social media, journalist, PR [and more] roles)

Guardian (All fields. Often has fifty or so travel roles added on a weekly basis)

Modern-Day Nomads (Offbeat opportunities all over the world)

♥ Gap Year

Travelling is a great way to absorb experiences. A gap year (or even half a year) can really impress employers. A period of overseas adventures documented on your CV shows that you really do have a passion for travel. If you use some of your time away to volunteer or to even get paid work, it will all undoubtedly help to prove to employers that you have the drive to make travel your living. Even if you use your time to visit new places (without working or volunteering) you’ll be exposed to new cultures and beliefs. You’ll meet people from all over the world. Translate that into CV material and you stand of chance of showing that you’re open-minded, friendly and an advocate for equality and diversity – traits that often appear on job descriptions.

Travel Favourites:

STA Travel (flights, accommodation, itineraries, volunteer opportunities)

G Adventures (volunteer opportunities)

♥ Seasonal Work

So you don’t want to travel for a long period and you think you know what travel job you want to do. Perhaps it’s a regular job so to speak, but it’s for a travel company based in a ski lodge. Seasonal work could be for you. It’s a great way to trial a job whilst you decide if it’s what you want to do. You’ll get invaluable on-the-job experience, you’ll get paid and you’ll be able to travel. Winning! Seasonal work is also great for free spirits. Perhaps you want to be a chef for three-four months and a waiter for the next. You’ll often find that resorts rotate shifts and opportunities so you can do a bit of everything.

Travel Favourites:

Globals At Work (seasonal work, as well as other travel jobs)

♥ Do It

The best pearl of all. Do it. If you want a travel job, go out and get one. Start filling in those application forms and see what happens. If you land a job (yay!) and find it’s not what you thought it would be, you can always leave and try another one. You’ll have gained some experience, exposure and contacts in the travel world. You’ve nothing to gain from wishing and waiting. The gaining is in the living and doing. Go on, be a do-er.

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  • Fantastic article, Char, thanks so much for including MDN. Another great work-to-travel resource (primarily for UK nationals, but with some jobs available to worldwide candidates) is The Working Traveller: Happy travels, everyone!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Thank you and you’re very welcome. I love your site – it’s such a useful place. Thanks for the extra tip – will look it up now. :)

  • Jenna Davis 7 years ago Reply


    This is a wonderful blog post! I have to send it to all my friends who always say ‘I wish I had the money to travel’. As I try and remind them that I’ve been living off of nothing for 2 years of travel blogging baha


    Give for Granted | Travel

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Thank you SO much, Jenna! Such a lovely comment and glad to be of help. Hope your friends understand! :) X

  • Kirstie 7 years ago Reply

    I was feeling really despondent about my job search today but I’m so glad I saw this post after someone retweeted it. You’ve inspired me not to give up on working in travel! Thank you for the tips. Oh, and if any employers are reading, I’m looking for a marketing internship!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I am so happy to have helped. It’s really lovely to hear that the post has inspired you. I know that Mr & Mrs Smith are currently looking for a marketing intern :) Good luck with your search. X

  • Great tips and suggestions. I recently learned about house sitting jobs all over the world. Sounds like a fun opportunity for those who can do it.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much, Angie. That’s a really good idea too. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard lots of positive stories about it (and some very entertaining ones!).

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