How to Beat the Travel Blues

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I admit I’m having a sucky day, feeling a little sorry myself. I have no reason to other than I have a classic case of the travel blues. I realise to some people, it hasn’t been that long since my last big trip, which was to Peru (South America). However, that was alllll the way back in April, which to me seems forever ago. Yeah, I’ve been on little weekend breaks since then, but I’m craving another massive tick on my ever growing travel wish list. (I’m a demanding so and so when it comes to travel).

My bestie has returned from what sounds like an amazing three week break to Sydney (Australia). My sister recently landed back home after a week-long stay in Cyprus. My mum has sunned herself in Spain for two weeks. It does seem to be peak holiday time and it seems all those around me have a severe case of the holiday blues too. They feel a bit meh. On a bit of a low after being on such a high.

I’ve given myself a bit of a telling off and grasped hold of reality, so that I can use my travelling experience and knowledge to share my seven pearls of wisdom on how to beat the travel blues.

Get Greedy

This is the most obvious, but don’t knock it. Simply book another trip to get over your last one. If you have the funds, then do it. Regardless of if that’s simply paying the deposit to secure a booking for later in the year, or paying and booking in full. If you can do it, go for it.

Happy Rambles

I love this little tool. The site sends you an email each day (at a time set by you) asking you what you are grateful for that day. You simply reply to the email, kinda creating a gratitude journal. It’s a gentle reminder to reflect on your day and think about lovely things in your life. When you have time you can read through your past entries which will no doubt put a smile on your face.


Get inspiration and interim travel fixes through blogs that feature travel adventures and experiences. Search #Travel on Instagram or #TTOT on Twitter for lots of travel content. I thoroughly recommend a lovely blog called Taylor Hearts Travel! Biased views aside, National Geographic Traveller magazine is pretty good.

Meet Stan

Pining for another trip, but lack the funds? Do all of the planning for it; work out how much money you need, where you will go, what time of the year is best to visit. Set yourself deadlines for booking different bits of the trip. It will help make your next trip a reality. Sounds like a plan, Stan.

Deadlines, Darling

Once you’ve planned it, start counting down to the start of your trip. Whether that’s crossing days off a calendar on your wall, programming reminders in your phone or using an app like Big Day. Enjoy the anticipation and excitement as you get closer to your travels.

Photo Montage

Look back through photos from your trip and make an album showcasing the best ones. You could do this on Facebook or if you’d rather keep it personal, why not put a few special ones in an album. They’ll be sure to cheer you up when you’re feeling down.

Sharing is Caring

Fill your home with lovely keepsakes to remind you about your travels. Invite your friends over to fill them in on your latest trip. It’s so easy to just post a few photos on social media and communicate that way. Get back to basics. Make a good cuppa or use it as an excuse to open the wine, and give your lovely friends the total debrief with all the nitty gritty details. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy re-living the trip.


I’m quite glad I had a rubbish day as it made me really think about what I normally do to perk myself up and how to get through until the next big trip. I hope they help you too.

Do you use any of these suggestions? Do you have any to add to the list? X

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  • Claire 7 years ago Reply

    Great post the travel blues suck, I had them yesterday :( I love the one about making an album. Starting a blog is also a great way to get over the travel blues, sometimes people at home don’t understand your want to travel and don’t want to hear about it, writing a post is a great way to relive your adventure :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Thanks, glad you liked it and yeah, you’re totally right about blogging. It’s lovely to speak to other travel addicts who share the passion :) Did you have the blues because you’ve just travelled back from somewhere? X

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