Where in the World Would You Birth?

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I may be a wanderer at heart, but I’m actually planning to stay put for my next labour. If all goes to plan I won’t even be leaving the house.

I’m planning on having a homebirth.

It seems people to tend to fall in two camps; ‘you, go girl’ or ‘OMG, are you crazy?!’ There doesn’t seem to be any in-between.

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With Nova I really wanted a homebirth, but I was worried that I was being naive and that I wouldn’t be able to deal with the pain, the mess and quite frankly, the unknown.

Everyone told me that I wouldn’t ever travel again when I was pregnant and especially so once I had him. I put those people right and have proved them wrong again and again. However, for some reason I didn’t feel as confident in standing up for my own choices with the birth. As a big wimp, I thought that they must be right. The horror stories I heard far outweighed the positive ones and so, I went for a middle ground by opting to labour in a birthing suite.

It’s an NHS midwife-led unit and in Northampton there are only a handful of rooms (well more like apartments) available on a first come, first served kinda basis. The natural approach is encouraged and they have things like mood lighting, birthing pools and the max level of pain relief is gas and air. My one is based in the hospital so if anything goes a little wrong or you need more pain relief you’re wheeled down the corridor to the regular labour ward.

Taylor Hearts Travel, Family Travel Blog

I felt like I could do my best to be au natural with the comfort of being onsite if I was unlucky. I had such a lovely experience in the birthing suite in the end. The only drama was that the cord was twice wrapped around Nova’s neck, but they sorted it with no fuss at all.

They did say that next time I’d have to homebirth because it had been such a quick labour and I’d coped with the pain. Apparently the second time round it’s even quicker – I’m holding onto that thought!


Jay was allowed to stay an hour or two after but was then ushered out into the middle of the night and I was left in an unfamiliar place with a newborn, feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted and quite simply, without the person who makes me feel most relaxed. This time round, if the homebirth goes as planned, I’m looking forward to being in my own home, showering in my bathroom and sleeping in my own bed. Most importantly though, being at ease with my favourites and enjoying those newborn snuggles.

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It did get me thinking though, as travel-lovers, if you could birth anywhere where would you choose? Would you go for an exotic location or perhaps somewhere with fancy hospitals? Or like me, would you rather stay at home for this exciting trip? X

P.S. In case you’re in the same boat, I’ve hired my birthing pool through Mermaid at Heart – they come highly recommended. I used hypnobirthing (self-taught) and pregnancy yoga during my first pregnancy and labour, and I’m doing the same this time round. You might also find these yesmum® TO BE affirmation cards helpful. Any questions just ask!

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  • Maria 4 years ago Reply

    Some gorgeous pregnancy photos! Good for your for planning a home birth and being different from the rest.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much! So pleased that it all went as planned :)

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