Hitchin Lavender Fields With Kids

Hitchin Lavender Fields

If you’re looking for lavender fields near Northampton I’d highly recommend driving an hour to Hitchin Lavender Fields. Just under 90-minutes from London, the beautiful Hitchin Lavender Farm offers a chance to explore over 35-miles (35-miles!) of this pretty purple flower.

Your 2020 Guide to Hitchin Lavender Farm

Hitchin Lavender Fields
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I took my 2 and 4 year old this week and they absolutely loved it. They danced, skipped and ran up and down the rows, watching the bees hum about and soaking up the scent. It’s a lovely way to spend a few hours and a great background for some keepsake family photos.

Social Distancing at Hitchin Lavender

New measures are in place to cope with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Timed slots mean that visitors are staggered throughout the day, which helps with social distancing. Tickets allow a window of two-hours, which is plenty for the main field in my opinion. Once the two hours are up everyone has to leave the field and it’s then cleaned/prepped ahead of the next visitors. After your slot you’re welcome to hang out in the display field, which just so happens to make a lovely backdrop for a picnic.

Hitchin Lavender Fields - Taylor Hearts Travel
^ The main field at Hitchin Lavender
Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ The main field

When you buy the tickets (online) it shows how many are left so you can gauge if it the slot is busy. I brought mine less than 24 hours before and went for a quiet one.

At the time of writing, picking your own lavender has been paused, but you can buy some from the shop. The idea behind this is to increase the flow in the lavender rows and reduce contamination risk with scissors. Oh and additionally, the barn, museum and play area are not open.

Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Photo by my lovely boy!

That said, it’s still very much worth a visit. You can still enjoy a picnic on site and there are refreshments available at the kisok. We spent our full allocated slot (two hours) in the main field and a further 90-minutes in the display field. Told you the kids loved it!

Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Main field
Hitchin Lavender Fields ice cream
^ Lavender ice cream


In terms of being buggy-friendly, technically you can use one to access the main field. However, expect a bumpy ride! It’s a working farm and the field does not have a graded pathway. The space between the rows is very narrow in some parts and also hilly, so I can’t imagine pushing one through. If you want, you can leave the buggy by the entrance where it will be looked after by the staff, but it’d be easier to leave it in the car (super close to the entrance).

I’d suggest taking a carrier if you need something – I saw loads of dads carrying little ones in them.

Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Hitchin Lavender

There are toilets (portaloo style), but bear in mind it can be a bit of a trek back, so if you have newly potty-trained kids I’d suggest a portable potty (I use this one for my youngest) and/or a portable changing-mat for a baby.

Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Always ready for a carry

Also, as I said the tracks are very narrow, so I’d recommended dressing kids in light trousers and long-sleeve tops. My boy was wearing shorts, but as soon as he felt all the branches and bees brushing past him he asked to change into his leggings.

Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Hitchin Lavender Fields with kids

Little ones will love the fortress play area and model tractor. Unfortunately, they’re closed at the moment, but hopefully as lockdown continues to ease that will change.

Lavender Season

Lavendar farm season is usually mid-June to mid-August. There are over 60 varieties of lavender, offering different shades and blooming at different points in that period. The Hitchin Lavender Fields looks at its best in late June to mid-July.

Hitchin Lavender Fields

Opening Times

Currently timed slots are offered 9am-11am, 12noon-2pm, 3pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm. Just from my browsing it seems the 12noon-2pm one is the most popular.


Entrance fees for the main field are as follows:

  • Peak: £7 
  • Off Peak: £6
  • Disabled: £4
  • Family of 4: £25
  • Family of 6 £36
  • Under 5s: Free of charge 

Parking is available and free.

Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Hitchin Lavender

Where are Hitchin Lavender Fields?

The full address and Hitchin postcode is Cadwell farm, Arlesey Rd, Ickleford, Hitchin SG5 3UA.

There are a few lavendar fields in England, but I think Hitchin Lavender is the closest and best option for visitors from London, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

For example, Cotswold Lavender Fields are a bit further out from Northampton (90-minutes). Other options include Banstead Lavendar Farm (aka Mayfield), Somerset Lavender, and Norfolk Lavender.

Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Display field at Hitchin Lavender
Hitchin Lavender Fields
Hitchin Lavender Fields
^ Display field

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Hitchin Lavender Fields
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