Is This the Best Spa in Nicosia?

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Looking for the best spa in Nicosia? Hamam Omerye could well be it. Tucked away in Nicosia, in the heart of Cyprus, this beautiful hamam spa is a tranquil haven. A perfect fusion of traditional and modern spa treatments.

Hamam Omerye

Walking through the small doorway into the depths of Hamam Omerye it’s hard not to be blown away.

Hamam Omerye
Hamam Omerye in Nicosia, Cyprus

Your eyes immediately notice the arty display hanging from the ceiling, drawing your attention to the water centre piece. They then dart to the sheer drapes that gently shimmer every time someone walks past and then to the exposed stone walls that are covered in the dancing light reflections from the Moroccan inspired lamps.

Hamam Omerye in Nicosia, Cyprus
Hamam Omerye

After a few minutes your ears notice the gentle background music. Relaxed trip hop, or some Cypriot variation murmurs in the background making you feel both relaxed and very cool. The warm air fills your lungs and you breathe in the discreet scent of aromatherapy oils and indulgent massage creams. It’s highly likely that you’ll probably let out a little sigh of happiness.

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The Spa Experience at Hamam Omerye

It’s fair to say that Hamam Omerye is a stylish, contemporary hideaway. Every effort has been taken to ensure you’re impressed from the outset. Even the host and hostess are immaculate model-esk beauties.

Some days are limited to women only, some for men only and on some days of the week, like the Saturday I visited, both sexes are welcome. Similarly to a lot of lux spots, it’s assumed that you know what you’re doing (try not to let this stress you out).

There’s no lengthy health and safety questionnaire, or briefing on where to go or what to do in a hamam. There aren’t even any private changing cubicles. The pretty lockers make up for this though.

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The Hamam

If you’re a modest soul, head to the bathroom or into one of the individual shower rooms to get into your smalls. Wear your bikini or choose to wear the complimentary paper undies, and then head into the hamam.

Again, you’ll be wowed by the decor. The hamam is centred around a huge domed ceiling with dainty air holes. If you were peering down through one of the airholes it’d look like a flower; a raised stone bed lies in the middle and individual rooms lead off from this section. I wish I could show you a picture but my camera had a complete dislike to the hot steam.

Simply choose your spot and sit or lie as you like. Don’t worry it’s not as dull as it sounds. The room is very hot – similar to a sauna or steam room. Everything is warm to touch – even the stone beds. Laying on them feels really good on your back, especially if you’re prone to aches.

Unlike the personal hamam experience I had in Marrakech where someone did all of the work for me, you’ll be given some natural soap and a sponge so that you can scrub your own skin.

Try to do this at the start of your one hour hamam experience so that your skin can make the most of the heat. You’ll find bronzed taps and traditional bowls at the edge of the room so that you can splash yourself down. If you’d rather just lay for the entire hour you can do.

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The Spa

After your hour, freshen up and then back into the spa lounge area. Sip on a ginger tea, poured from a traditional tea pot. Assuming you’ve booked a massage (and why wouldn’t you?!), you’ll then be called by your masseuse to a private space for the spa part of your visit.

Here you’ll be massaged into a floating cloud of bliss. Your legs, arms and back will be softened into a relaxed state. And after the neck massage you’ll definitely be in no hurry to leave.

Hamam Omerye
Spa in Nicosia
Hamam Omerye

After your hour of heaven you’ll be given another ginger tea, before being ushered out back into the Cypriot heat. Unfortunately, at the end of their massage one or two my group were given a sob story about wages (I’m assuming in return for a tip).Whether this is a regular occurrence or was just a one-off, don’t let it put you off. Just be wary.

Tea at Hamam Omerye

If you’re in Nicosia (and even you’re not) head to Hamam Omerye for a luxurious afternoon. You’ll find the website here which includes the treatment list and prices. The address is 8 Tyllirias Square, Nicosia 1016, Cyprus.

Have you experienced a hamam or hamam spa either in Cyprus or elsewhere? X

Big thanks to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation for hosting my visit.

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