Hackepeter and Pretzels: #SundayServed

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Welcome to the first Sunday Served (click the link if you missed the memo). The spotlight is shining on Germany for today’s post and is inspired by my lovely little Omi*, and my trip to Munich.


It sounds like something that you wouldn’t want to eat, but Omi loves this German delicacy and promises it is tasty. You can buy Hackepter, or Mett as it is sometimes known, from a butchers to take home, or from a food stall on the streets.

Being a pescetarian (no meat), I am trusting Omi when she says it is worth a shout out. And even though I wouldn’t try a Hackepter, I do love finding out about other staple dishes. It involves raw minced pork meat and well, not much else. It’s usually seasoned with a bit of salt and black pepper, or if you feel like pushing the boat out you can put it on top of a bread roll. As Omi describes it she’s licking her lips and gazing off into the distance, so I’m guessing it must be good.

Apparently, the meat has to be eaten the same day as it is ‘manufactured’ to minimise any nasty diseases. From the dreamy look on Omi’s face, I don’t think she’s worried about anything like that and clearly hasn’t had any bad experiences.

Brühwurst (boiled sausages) and Bratwurst (fried sausages) were Omi’s close second choices.

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In line with the tone of Omi’s primitive suggestion of Hackepeter, I’m going to give pretzels a mention and no, before you ask, I don’t mean the kind you get down the crisp aisle. I’m talking about the twirls of fluffy dough that are sprinkled with sea salt. You can’t miss them – they’re as big as your head. You’ll see them everywhere in Germany – the streets, bars, cafés and so on.

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They’re a great snack if you haven’t got time to stop somewhere. I guess I think of them as the English equivalent of a packet of crisps or nuts in the pub (but a whole lot fresher and tastier). The carb and salt combo work wonders in soaking up a few too many drinks.

For lunch, you’ll find the many bakeries selling filled pretzels with a whole array of fillings. I recommend the cream cheese and chive.


Whatever German bite to eat you choose, I’d suggest a trip to a beer hall or garden. Seriously, the beer is amazing. Even if you’re not that into them, it’s worth a visit.

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What are your favourite German foods? Care to share? #SundayServed X

*For those of you who aren’t familiar with an Omi – it’s an affectionate German term for grandma, and yes, my Omi really is German. You can find out more about her here.

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