Goodbye Maternity Leave, Goodbye Travels?

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As I type this my beautiful baby boy is napping in his cot. He’s been there for the last hour. If you’d have told me that four or five months ago I would have laughed in your face.

Nova never used to nap unless he was in his buggy, in his car seat or on my lap. The first two locations were fine, but the latter could be problematic if I actually wanted to do anything. Sure, super long snuggles are the absolute best, but when you have a big to-do list or I dunno, just want to relieve your aching bladder it can be a bit of a problem.

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I still can’t believe that I’m a mama and a mama to an almost nine-month old, going on nine years old baby boy. Seriously, you should see the way he crawls, cruises and climbs. It’s at lightning speed and with such confidence. He’s always one of the first to make a beeline for the front of the class, clambering all over whoever is leading the singing, signing, music, swimming (and whatever else) session.

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If there are older children around then he’s on even more of a mission. He loves other children, but the older ones in particular. He gazes at them adoringly as they toddle about and I swear it’s seeing the things that they can do that’s spurred him to be so quick with all of his milestones. At the rate he’s going he’ll probably be able to code this site for me by next week.

So why am I getting all nostalgic and emotional? It’s the end of a chapter for Nova and I.

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Wow, that sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Almost made me shed a tear. I never used to cry at anything at all really, not even weepy chick flicks, but now I’m as soft as anything. Must be what motherhood does to you, eh?!

So nine months marks the end of my maternity leave. *Sob*

Flying with a baby, baby travel, family travel blog, taylor hearts travel, flying with a baby, travelling with a baby

Family Travel Blog, Baby Travel, Family Travel

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What’s Next?

I’ll be returning to work and Nova will be going into childcare for a few days a week. That sentence makes it sound like I haven’t worked at all for nine months, which is so far from the truth. Even people that know me have commented that it’ll be good for me to go to work again. Hmph.

Looking after a shiny new baby is more than a 9-5. There are no cushy lunchbreaks, weekends off or annual leave. It’s absolutely amazing, but it’s not a breeze in the park that’s for sure. Most evenings when he goes to bed I’m completely frazzled. Ecstatic, but frazzled.

I’ve been working on this blog during the evenings, so I guess when most people would have a bit of a rest I’ve been busy. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this blog so it isn’t a chore and I’m not moaning at all, but it’s definitely work. I don’t have to, but I treat it as my job. Obviously I write blog posts like this one, but I also take the photos, edit them and upload them. I attend events and network both on and offline. I clear my inbox for it to then almost instantly fill up again. I edit and maintain my website, attempting to learn techie stuff on the way.

Anyway I digress. And like I said, Nova will probably be able to code by next week so I guess I can start delegating bits and pieces soon.

During our nine months we’ve been on some amazing adventures together and I don’t mean the regular baby stuff – that’s an adventure in itself.

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It may be the end of my maternity leave, which is a little sad, but I feel so fortunate to have had nine whole months away from the day job to enjoy my baby boy. We’ve travelled far and wide, seeing and doing lots of exciting, fun things. The start of his life has been exactly how I hope the rest of his life will continue; full of happiness, wonder, adventure, excitement and lots of love.

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We’ve smiled every single day and on the days when we’ve been exploring a new destination those smiles have been even bigger, which is a feat in itself. He’s seen countries that took me thirty years to reach and in these nine months he’s been on lots more trips than some people go on in their whole lifetime. Nova has been a true mini-explorer and we’ll remember all of those trips forever for so many different reasons; the one where he crawled, the one where we played on a glacier, the one where he cut two teeth, the one where we trekked to a Greek village, the one where we watched the sun rise and the sun set in the ocean…the list goes on.

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Atlantic Hotel Jersey Review (89)

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Nova has enriched my travelling life in ways I didn’t know possible. In a selfish way, he’s been my perfect excuse to hop on a plane and indulge my own wanderlust. I’ve been even more of a free spirit than normal for the last nine months, not having to answer to anyone. We’ve been to Jersey, Mallorca, Greece, the Netherlands and my favourite of the bunch, Canada. Of course there have been lots of UK adventures to places like London, Oxford and 1066 Country too. It’s been an absolutely amazing time.

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I’d love to say that for this last week of maternity leave we’ll be exploring a new country, but sadly it hasn’t worked out that way. Nova has some settling in sessions at nursery, so we’ll be squeezing in some day trips and outings in between those. It may be the end of my maternity leave, but I know without a shadow of a doubt we’ll be having lots, lots, lots more adventures in the weeks, months and years to come. X

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Comments (11)

  • […] Goodbye Maternity Leave, Goodbye Travels? […]

  • Emily-Ann (thegrownupgapyear) 4 years ago Reply

    What an amazing nine months you guys have had together and I’m sure you’ve given Nova what will become a life-long wanderlust :) Hope the return to work hasn’t been too difficult and I look forward to seeing all of the future adventures you go on! x

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Aww thank you. I love him being a traveller now, but I bet I’ll be crying when he’s older and leaving me to explore the world!! It feels like I’ve never been away…

    Thank, lovely. I can’t wait to go on them! x

  • Strphanie 4 years ago Reply

    The end of a very special time of your life. Fabulous to see that you’ve been to all these places with him. That will be even more educational for him when he’s older.
    Good luck for your return to work. There are some advantages like being able to sit somewhere without interruption several hours a day! All the best.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much! Yes, I’m already enjoying being able to get at least half way down my to-do list and I managed to drop him off today without having a few emotional tears, so that’s good progress, right?!

    Thanks for your lovely comment x

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave) 4 years ago Reply

    Good luck with the return to work Char – something tells me you’re not somebody who is about to let your adventures stop here just because you’re back in the office and no one can say you haven’t made the very best of your mat leave that’s for sure! Amazing adventures. Pumpkin was telling me all about that part of Canada last night – I’d no idea he’d even been so will have to persuade him to return as looks magical :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks Shikha. It feels so strange to think that I’ll be at the day job and he’ll be playing elsewhere this time next week! I definitely have no regrets about how we’ve spent my mat leave. Don’t think I could have squished any more in!

    Oh you really do, especially re Jasper. It truly is a magical, happy, beautiful place. Hope you get to visit <3 xx

  • Rachel Taylor 4 years ago Reply

    It is amazing how many trips you have fitted into those 9 months! You show that having kids doesn’t mean the travelling has to stop.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much. That’s exactly what I wanted to show. If anything, with maternity leave it’s quite the opposite!

  • Kasha 4 years ago Reply

    Aw, Char, I love seeing photos with you and Nova. It may be the end of maternity leave, but, judging by how much you’ve already seen with your little family this year, I think there’ll be plenty more adventures in store xxx

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Aw thanks, lovely. I must have a million photos of Nova already!! That’s the plan and I really hope so. I think it’s only going to get better the older he gets. <3 xx

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