Famous San Francisco Movies

There are so many San Francisco movies. From big blockbusters to lovable classics, there are flashes of famous San Fran landmarks on the big screen all the time. There are lots of secret location sites in this city too. They’re just waiting to be discovered.

These movies seem to be popping up in every aspect of my day to day life recently. I’m not sure if it’s one of the many signs I mentioned in ‘Is Travelling Written in the Stars?’, but whatever the reason it is definitely getting me excited for my upcoming trip. I love the anticipation. I’m filled with delirious happiness and my brain is full of San Fran daydreams.

In an effort to cope with my excitement, I thought I’d share them with you. If you have a trip planned I’m sure they’ll make you giddy and on a complete countdown too. If you haven’t got one booked, you might have after this…

The Sweetest Thing

This girly chick flick is absolutely hilarious. I’m usually rubbish at remembering lines from films, but I could quite easily reel off some of the quotes. My friends and I could even give you a rendition of the amazing song. If you don’t know what the song is you have to watch this film. Trust me. For some reason the Mr doesn’t find it as funny though…

The opening credits feature a sexy Cameron Diaz and Nicole Applegate workin’ it up an almighty San Fran hill (supposedly a merge of Kearny Street, Vallejo Street and North Beach) – skip to 25 secs in the video below. The city is notorious for its killer hills. Rather than putting me off walking in the city, The Sweetest Thing just makes me want to re-enact this scene. Sadly my GFs won’t be with me on this trip and I don’t think I’ll be able to persuade the Mr to play along. I’ll have to work it extra hard and represent for the girls. Oh yes!

Mrs. Doubtfire

Ah, Mrs. Doubtfire I love you. What a film and what a guy Robin Williams was. This film is one of my childhood favourites. It’s perfectly wholesome, funny and entertaining all the way through – a 90s classic.

The Hillard family live in one of those typically big, Victorian houses – the Mrs Doubtfire house. It’s not just any house though. It’s a real home in San Francisco. The film was on the TV the other week and I found myself trying to peep down the street. Even the shots of the San Fran tram, yellow school buses, and the bridge had me grinning from ear to ear. No doubt my picture outside this house will be suitably cringey. You can find the house on 2640 Steiner Street.

The Rock

Scanning the TV planner my eyes instantly noticed the reference to San Francisco. The Rock is a 1996 action film based on Alcatraz (the famous island prison that’s no longer in use). It stars Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. Skip to 20 seconds in the video below to see the trailer.

Everyone says that a visit to Alcatraz is a must when you visit San Fran and I’ll be going all out by visiting at night. I’m already really scared, so I’m not sure if this film is going to make me worse, or if it’ll be a typical 90s cheesy film that just makes me all the more curious to visit. Either way, it’s San Fran related so it’s all good. I hope.

X-Men 3

All of the X-Men films are pretty great in terms of action and easy viewing. X-Men 3 (The Last Stand) features an amazing scene in which the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is blown up. Admittedly it’s been a while since I last watched it, but I know it’ll be flashing in mind when I cycle over the bridge. Let’s just hope it’s not my turn to feature in a film! X-Men 3 is next on my list to watch and with scenes based on Alcatraz, as well as the bridge, I know it’s only going to increase my excitement.

The Princess Diaries

The beautiful Anne Hathaway starred in this girly film many years ago. The high school that her character, Mia, goes to can be found in, you guessed it, San Francisco. Well, at least parts of it. Some of the school is actually based in LA and some shots were filmed in San Fran (2601 Lyon Street). The film also features a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and Mia’s home in the former fire station (724 Brazil Avenue).

There are loads of other famous films that have featured San Francisco. Dr Doolittle, Bedazzled, The Wedding Planner, Monsters Vs Aliens to name just a few. There’s not so many new movies filmed in San Fran, but I kinda like the nostalgia the oldies bring. With two months to go I know I’ll be watching some of these ones again. I love seeing glimpses of San Fran. Too much excitement!

Do you have any other films to add to this list? How do you manage your excitement in the lead up to a trip? I’d love to hear from you in the comments box below. X

All clips courtesy of YouTube.

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  • […] will be familiar with Alcatraz, or The Rock as it’s often know as, possibly from one of the many movies it’s featured in or perhaps from your own visit. However, for those of you who don’t know too […]

  • Charles McCool 4 years ago Reply

    About 4 in the morning I was walking around San Francisco and walked right on to the set for Mrs. Doubtfire. If I stood around another hour, they said, I would have been an extra.

    Basic Instinct had some great SF settings.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    What?! If true, that’s amazing!

    I’m just back from SF. I came across a recording for something – there was even one of those director chairs. Not sure what they were filming, but I’m going to pretend it was a really cool movie…

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