The Stigma of Family Travel

Family Travel

Family travel gets such a bad rep. Wrapped up in ‘once a year’ paper and tied with an ‘all-inclusive’ bow, it really does make for a dull read or at least it would if it really was like that. Admittedly, it is like that for a lot of people, but that might well be because of ignorance rather than choice.

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Until my mini-explorer arrived I was oblivious to the options too and rightly so. Why would I know about family travel if I didn’t have a family? Why should I care? Heck, why should you even care? Well, I’m surrounded by late twenty and early thirty somethings who are nervously teetering on the edge of parenthood watching my every move to see if I sink or swim so to speak. Having a baby is on their radar, but they’re apprehensive of the changes to come in terms of travel.

For those who dare to even believe that travel is still possible, they worry that having a child is a lifelong commitment to hotel resorts in run of the mill destinations. The few parents I’ve chatted to seem curious to know if there is anything else out there for them too. Is it as black and white as it seems; either a one-week (two at a push) inclusive holiday or a life on the road as a nomadic family?

Well, no it isn’t. There’s definitely a lack of blog posts to agree with me, but I guess that’s where I’m going to pipe up and help fill the void. 2016 is the year that Nova and I will show you that it’s possible and how.

Family travel

The New Family Travel

We’re going to try and test the lot. We’ll enjoy staycations in the UK at stylish boutiques, as there’s no reason why my love of pretty accommodation should go out of the window due to a little one.

We’ll take short-haul trips on the plane to nearby lands and we’ll venture on long-haul flights to faraway places. We might even hit the seas to test some avenues you might not have thought possible for family travel.

From self-catering and all-inclusive options, to apartments and glossy resorts, we plan to sample it all. It might not necessarily always be about the most adventurous destination, but when it’s somewhere you’ve heard of, we plan to delve a little deeper to show you another side.

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I may be a travel blogger, but I’m a new mum (and yes, I’m aware of the often negative stigma around ‘mum’, but let’s save that for another day). I too have a limited bank account and a mortgage to pay. If during 2016 I can encourage just one person to believe that family travel is more than just outdated 3* hotels I’ll be ecstatic.

Most parents have gasped when I’ve told them I’ve already got Nova’s passport. They’re even more surprised when I tell them his first overseas trip is in a few weeks, when he’ll be a little over two months old. Even a PR in the travel industry was shocked that I was booking trips in with my little baby.

It’s time to break the negative connotations around family travel.

2016 is going to be a journey of discovery and I hope you’ll join the ride. Whether you take the time to comment on my blog posts or prefer to read and nod your head in silence, let’s do this!

If you know of any travel blogs who are standing up for this kind of approach to family travel too, lemme know. And if you want me to cover a specific aspect of family travel or destination, please do feel free to leave a comment or get in touch.

Family Travel

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Comments (12)

  • Mums do travel 5 years ago Reply

    Congratulations Char! Family travel is as limited or as broad as parents want it to be – depending on their time and resources, of course. It’s great that you’re travelling already, because once kids start school the options get a lot narrower (unless you home school) and also as kids get older they want to have more of a say in where you go and what you do on holiday. Our two rebelled outside the Picasso museum in Malaga a few years ago, and made us feel so guilty about dragging them to cultural stuff that we took them to Walt Disney World the following summer – our first ever trip to a theme park! We’ve never been on a package or an all-inclusive holiday, but the kids would absolutely love us to.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much! I’d thought of the school thing before, but it hadn’t crossed my mind that he might not want to go where I do…oops! I guess I have quite a few years to make all the decisions, so it’ll be fine. I’m quite intrigued to know where and what my little one would pick. It’s nice to hear that you let your guys have a say and pick Disney :)

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave) 5 years ago Reply

    It must be frustrating to have all family travel generalised in that way in people’s minds but I don’t necessarily think people choose those styles of travel out of ignorance as such. Most new parents I know who have chosen all inclusive travel or only short haul for example have told me they just do so because it’s easier, more relaxing and they feel they’ll have a much more relaxing time if they aren’t worrying about logistical things like nightmare flights, nappy changing facilities etc etc. I think it’s a lot like non family travel really in that different people have different thoughts on what’s enjoyable in a trip & everyone has their own preferences in travel tastes. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures and your trip to Holland – I trust you’ll be keeping Nova well away from “those” cafe’s! ☺

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    I’m certainly not hating that kind of travel, it’s just there’s a lot more than just those types and they all need to be championed. Most parents (or parents to be) that I know seem to think their choices are limited. I’m all for a relaxing all-inc break as and when I feel it’s needed and depending on who I’m travelling with. Same as this weekend’s short haul break will be ideal for our first one with Nova, but there’s lots more and I’m going to showcase as much as possible! :)

    Thanks, lovely and don’t worry, he won’t be going anywhere near them! X

  • Amanda 5 years ago Reply

    It really depends on the child. Travelling with my daughter as an infant was a doddle – but you can’t always predict how your child will be. Mine was a vomiter from 9 months to 2 years old. Every flight we took ( and we took a lot) and every time she got overtired anywhere, or cross or choked slightly she would be sick. It makes things more complex. Travel is actually hardest when they are school age as there are always things they will miss like parties etc.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    I’m sure it does vary from child to child and whilst it must be a lot harder in circumstances like that, it’s still possible. Your poor little girl though. It’s not nice being sick.

    Yeah, there’s always the other side. Nova will miss a few of his baby classes due to trips, but I think he’ll get more out of them and at this age there isn’t the friendship thing to consider.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment :)

  • Monica 5 years ago Reply

    Yes, yes and yes! I found the same, most people who travel with little ones think their only option is a bog-standard all-inclusive or a super expensive family-friendly 5* – neither of which are all that appealing. I definitely think my travel style is changing, but it hasn’t changed all together.

    Maybe it changes when they get to the toddler stage but I’m finding my Tiny Travel Hack is actually pretty easy to travel with at the moment. He sleeps a lot and is entertained by the tiniest things!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    Yay! Glad you’re in the same camp! I guess it’s inevitable it will evolve, but that’s the joy of littles. They make us see things in a way we probably hadn’t thought of before and so long as there’s still travel I think it’s all good.

    I keep hearing that so I’m trying to cram in as much as possible with Nova!

  • Ting at My Travel Monkey 5 years ago Reply

    I definitely agree that for people who like to travel, and don’t have children, then they do assume that once they do have kids, it will all change… but I, and several other family travel bloggers, beg to differ. We went to Thailand last year and my 3-year-old still talks about it. And we’re off to Iceland next month to see whales and go Northern Lights hunting. I do like an all-inclusive/villa holiday but I also like adventure and have big plans for his travelling future :) Welcome to the gang, and congratulations on your new baby. Look forward to seeing your new adventures!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    I’m so happy to hear that! What an amazing trip for a three year old; such a treat for all the senses. I LOVE Iceland. It’s such a magical place, full of so many enchanting stories. It’ll be such a great holiday. There’s nothing wrong with liking the all-inclusive/villa thing at all. I’m much like you – any travel is good travel (except the outdated hotels!).

    Thanks for the welcome and for taking the time to leave a comment. Can’t wait to join in the fun! :)

  • Shobha 5 years ago Reply

    We’ve been travelling with our twins since they were 2 weeks old when we brought them to London from the USA. Lots of people do RTW trips with their kids. I think the package holiday family travel crowd are a specific demographic but not the entire one.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    Twins? How exciting! You sound like amazing parents – very inspirational. Do you travel for short stints or are you always on the move?

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