Does Travel have an Age?

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At what age did you know you had a love for travel? Are you born with it or is it something that you develop through influences in your life? These were the kind of thoughts that ran through my mind as I travelled to the hospital. Yes, hospital.

I was on my way to visit my lovely sister-in-law and first ever nephew. That’s right, I’m officially an aunty and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m adamant that I’m going to be his best aunty ever (I’m massively assisted in this area given the fact I’m his only one, but hey, that’s beside the point).

I want him to be an explorer, adventurer – someone that lives life to the fullest (whatever that brings). So, of course this means I want to nurture him with travelista cuddles and gifts. I have restrained myself….for now. After all, he isn’t my baby and would a road trip inspired baby grow really encourage him? Yes, it does exist.

Road trip to Helsinki? £8 (image courtesy of Pumpkin Patch)

Road trip to Helsinki? £8 (image courtesy of Pumpkin Patch)

Or how about a map inspired dummy?

Mapology (image courtesy of Zazzle.co.uk)

Mapology (image courtesy of Zazzle.co.uk)

Or how about some subtle messaging through the prints in his nursery? Don’t tell anyone, but I actually really, really love these prints.

MKKMD Designs. £9.49 (image courtesy of Etsy)

MKKMD Designs. £9.49 (image courtesy of Etsy)

Don’t worry new mummy, I won’t unleash all of my travel love on him…just yet. I’m simply putting these travel inspired cutie gifts out there on your radar. You know, cos I’m nice like that. X

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