How to Get the Best Price For Disneyland Tickets

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Wondering how to get the best price for Disneyland tickets and how to save money on this magical family break? I share all of my Disney budget tips in this post, including Disneyland specials, offers and deals.

Article on how to get the price for Disneyland Tickets

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As much as I love a cultural trip, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve visited Disneyland Paris a few times, even going there for my hen do (an epic excuse, I know).

It can add up though, so how do you make it budget-friendly? Are Disney package deals the way forward or is it easier to score Disneyland hotel discounts and then buy the admission tickets separately?

How to Get the Best Price for Disneyland Tickets

1. Go Incognito

As with any bookings, open up a new incognito window and search via that page to ensure you get the best prices.

When you surf the net cookies are stored. This means Google knows you’re looking at booking something and you’ll often find the price nudges up each time you check back.

If you search via an incognito window you’ll mask that trail and be sure you’re seeing the true price.

2. Be Flexible

If you can travel outside of the school holidays or midweek you’ll often get a better price.

Whatever your dates, try to be flexible. Check the price for dates just before or after your chosen ones so that you don’t miss out on a bargain.

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3. Check the Best Disneyland Deals

Check the official Disneyland Paris offers webpage to see what deals are on.

In all the times I’ve visited the site, there has always been various discounts and promotions; offering a reduction from the standard prices. You’ll often see 25% off and free half board deals surrounding particular events like Halloween or Easter, and if you book in advance for the following year.

Use the online booking tool to price up your trip taking advantage of any of those deals. Make a note of that price so you know what you’re trying to beat.

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4. Check Eurostar Disney

Next, check the Eurostar to Disneyland page to check out their offers (assuming you’e happy to consider travelling via the Eurostar train) and see if the price compares to the one you got earlier.

When considering a package, the deciding factor will be time or money, so you need to weigh them up to decide which is more important to you.

For example, yeah you might get a cheap train ticket, but arriving in the evening will mean you’ve missed a potential full day of Disney love. Personally, I always think the marginal saving isn’t worth it. I like to get there early and when I’m returning home, I usually pick the latest option.

With Eurostar prices, I find you tend to get a better deal booking as far in advance as you can. They usually release times/prices three months ahead, so set yourself a diary reminder if you need to. Again, you can either book a package (park & transport) or just your train tickets.

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5. Google Disneyland Deals

Ah my good friend, Google. Next up, hit the search engine to find any other deals (like promo codes) and just check the prices for my dates.

It’s an easy check that can save you a bit of cash. The last time I was looking, this step led me to find out that Sky were offering their existing customers free Disneyland Paris entrance tickets.

7 tips on getting the best prices at Disneyland Paris

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6. Check Supermarkets

It’s also worth checking Tesco Clubcard, Nectar Card and personal banking reward schemes – sometimes you can exchange your points (collected from shopping/banking) for park/train tickets, with the value being doubled or even tripled.

7. Use Cashback Sites

Using a cashback site is one of the easiest ways to save on Disneyland tickets. Most are free to use and have the potential to save you some money.

I use TopCashback and can see they are currently offering 6.3% of your purchase back. Simply follow their link to get to the site and buy as you normally would. TopCashback then send the percentage back to your bank account.

You’ll probably have realised that all of my steps are online. Yep, I don’t find travel agents very competitive and I just prefer to have the control of seeing all of the prices on my screen. However, that’s just personal choice. If you’re not confident on the internet then you could explore the agent avenue or perhaps get a friend to check for you.

You could spend hours searching online, but with the above steps I think you at least have a fair picture of what the average price for your dates is, so that you know if you really are getting a deal. Don’t stress about the odd pound or two, but if you can make a chunky saving then it is research time well spent.

You can find lots of tips about Disneyland Paris, including travel times, hotel options, ways to save money in the park, how to beat queue times etc here.

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How to Get the Best Price For Disneyland Tickets

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