Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

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Did you know that you can throw yourself off a rocky cliff edge, straight into the Irish Sea…in March…and still live? Judging by the comments I received when I told people how I would be spending my weekend you’d have thought it wouldn’t be possible. However, it is surprisingly fun, even for a self-confessed scaredy cat!

Press/Ad – My stay and experience was gifted by Preseli Venture

Coasteering with Preseli Venture

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, add coasteering to your ‘bucket list’, your ‘must-try’pile – whatever you call it, add it. If your adventurous spirit shines a little more dimly, embrace your curiosity and give it a go. The amount of satisfaction and pride you’ll feel afterwards will leave you positively beaming. You’ll also have a huge amount of fun along the way.

Coasteering with Preseli Venture in Pembrokeshire
Coasteering with Preseli Venture in Pembrokeshire

What is Coasteering?

Kitted out in a thermal wetsuit (it is Wales after all), a buoyancy jacket and a hardy helmet, you crawl, paddle, and swim along the coastline. You scramble up rocky cliff edges and clamber into magical dark caves. You play like children in the natural whirlpool, letting the waves carry you metres into the air and then spinning you round like a raft in the rapids at a theme park.

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire
Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

You climb up ragged rocks and (with expert help) belly-flop and pencil jump into the waves. You start the jumps from smaller rocks and progress to the higher ones.

The instructors are full of encouragement and energy, but there is never ever any pressure for you to do all of the jumps. I absolutely love Paul and Lucy for being such understanding and sweet motivators!

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire
Wriggling through caves

You squeal, laugh and scream as you make your way round the coves and ledges. You peer over the rocky edge, anticipation and nervousness filling your body, and then with one spontaneous burst of courage you freefall into the waters. No quicker than you plunge under the water, you pop back to the surface full of salty water and wearing a silly grin.

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Who Can Coasteer?

Provided you can swim, you can give it a go. Even if you’re not the strongest of swimmers (like me), the expert guides and your buoyancy jacket will make sure you get back to the shore safely. My poor instructor even towed me with his muscly leg when I was feeling worn out.

My fellow coasteerers ranged from teenagers to adults, with varying levels of swimming abilities and confidence with heights. Groups normally span around ten people, with one lead guide and one assistant. If you have an injury (be it a weak knee or a condition like asthma), just give the guide a heads up and they’ll tailor the jumps/climbing to help you out.

Where to Coasteer

If you’re going to coasteer in the UK, it makes sense to head to Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park – it is the only one in the UK. The scenery is beautiful and makes for a gorgeous backdrop to your adventure. The rocks you’ll climb are more than 300 million years old and some of them are even splattered with rock holes from a now-dormant volcano.

Preseli Venture, the only 5-star activity centre in Pembrokeshire, offers a variety of watersports, including coasteering. I opted for the Adrenaline Adventure Cocktail Weekend which gave me two-nights and all my meals in the lodge and three half-day activities (including coasteering).

The equipment, expert knowledge and friendly guides at Preseli Venture really make the experience an amazing one. Could you imagine having to jump into the waters in just a regular wetsuit, rather than a thermal one?!

The great thing about this centre is that it has access to a variety of starting points – there are so many coves, and whether you go in the morning or afternoon will result in different tides. The experience you have will vary whether it is your first visit, or tenth.

Wetsuits at Preseli Venture

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When to go Coasteering

Despite the UK not being renowned for blazing sunshine, my visit to Pembrokeshire in March was surprisingly sunny. I was really nervous about the sea being ridiculously cold (especially as I’m someone who really feels the wintery elements). However, with the thermal wetsuit on I really didn’t feel cold, except for the last ten minutes of the morning session when I was feeling a bit exhausted from all the fun. In fact, my jump into the mountain-water pool in Portugal earlier this year was colder!

Preseli Venture
Getting ready

You may even spy some seals. As I went in March I didn’t see any, but I’m told they like to hang out in Pembrokeshire.

Overall Thoughts on Coasteering with Preseli Venture

I have to admit I was plain terrified about doing this activity. Yes, it was tiring, but oh wow, it was fun, exhilarating and something very, very different. I loved testing myself and getting washed away with all the excitement and anticipation. Excuse the lame pun. For something out of the box, but definitely within the purse-strings, this is activity is perfect.

Where is Preseli Ventue?

Tucked down a winding one-track lane, between Fishguard and St.David’s, lies Preseli Venture. It’s a cute eco-lodge activity centre.

It’s really special as it is right in the heart of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park – the only coastal National Park in the whole of the UK. What that means for you is 180 miles of mind-blowing, picture-perfect coastal path to explore.

It’s serene; you’ll not see anyone for a whole hour, and even then you’ll only spy the odd dog walker. Yet walking along the cliff ledges and peering down from great heights into the plunging turquoise waters is exhilarating.

Preseli Venture
Admiring the Pembrokeshire coastline

Trekking the Pembrokeshire Coastline

Walking along the coastal path from Trefin to Preseli Venture, it’s not just the breathtaking Aber Mawr Beach near the end of your walk that captures your attention. En route, each corner you turn you’re greeted with a different view; pebbled shores, craggy caves that would be fit for pirates, and picturesque floral edged coves.

The cliffs and stones that make up your pathway are pretty impressive too, as the Pembrokeshire rocks are over 300 million years old.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Park
Pembrokeshire Coastal Park
Pembrokeshire Coastal Park

The walk from Trefin to Preseli Venture is one of lodges’ self-guided hikes. It will take you seven miles along the coastline.

The nearing end of the trek will also take you through a beautiful woodland area, full of twisting and arching trees, wild flowers and inquisitive robins. The last stretch will really test your stamina as you’ll climb a winding lane up to the lodge. However, the waving daffodils, feral farm cats and noisy cows will cheer you on, urging you to finish the hike with a wide grin on your face.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Park

Staying at Preseli Venture

The name is inspired by the Preseli Hills, which is where the Bluestones originate that built part of Stonehenge. If that doesn’t intrigue you, then I’m sure the appeal of a mezzanine private bedroom (complete with an adorable skylight) will do. The lodge can host up to forty guests and houses a variety of room options, from the private duos to the larger group bedrooms. Rest assured though, you’ll never be put into the group rooms unless you’re with that group of fellow lodgers.

Preseli Venture Bedroom
The bedroom

The lodge is endearing; sat around the warming fire pit in the courtyard, stars and full moon glowing in the navy sky, and marshmallows in hand, it’s hard not to love it. The bedrooms are quirky and basic; forget glossy walls and fluffy duvets.

That’s not to say the rooms are missing comfort or cleanliness; toasty blankets and under-floor heating keep you warm. However, your stay is just more about getting back to the countryside and enjoying the outdoors (rather than simply sitting in your room).

The central hub of the lodge is naturally where the food is served up. You can expect homemade and heart-warming tasty meals – exactly what you need after a three-hour hike, or a morning of coasteering.

The bar is also welcomed by many guests, particularly as the prices are very kind to your purse. Comfy sofas, a free football table, and the 50p pool table also bring the lodgers in during the evenings. Though after a half-day in the Irish Sea, the wood burning stove is one of the more popular gathering points.

Dinner at Preseli Venture
Dinner at Preseli Venture

I was a guest of Preseli Venture

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