The Perfect Gift for Someone Travelling Overseas

Perfect gift for someone travelling

Did you get the memo? Christmas is coming! And for most of us, that means trying to find the perfect present. So, what is the perfect gift for someone travelling overseas? What do you buy for the exploring jet-setter type?

Well I’m just that kinda person, so I like to think I’m an expert in this field. It’s essentially my wish list!

This list isn’t about passport covers, which by the way, just get in the way and have to be removed through check-in anyway.

This list features unique, exciting and stylish ideas to help you wear that smug smile. You know – the one that identifies you as the best Present Buyer Extraordinaire. Yes, it’s all about those gift ideas. Welcome to the Taylor Hearts Travel grotto…

Perfect gift for someone travelling
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Fun Travel Gifts that Travellers Actually Want

1. Language Lessons

Give the gift of language and let your traveller be inspired to travel that little bit further. Who knows, it may even lead to a job in travel, or a foreign romance?

I’m undecided between improving my French or German, though as I write this I’m en route to Paris so perhaps Français? There’s usually a sale on and you can find out more here.

It doesn’t have to be Rosetta Stone, but this is one of the most trusted and credible self-learn language courses. Sold as a download or an online course, it’s available for both regular use and business use, in 19 languages (including exciting ones like Persian and Filipino).

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2. Travel Vouchers

Help your explorer on their way by gifting them a voucher to use on their next trip. Make sure you pick a travel brand that’s in-keeping with their type of travel though.

Backpackers or those about to embark on a RTW trip would probably love a STA voucher. STA specialise in RTW trips and offer flights, accommodation, add-ons etc. The vouchers are available for as little as £10 and go right up to £5,000 (yes, please!).

Those that love a stylish city break or a fancy hotel would probably appreciate a Mr & Mrs Smith card to use on one of their beautiful properties. Their gift cards start from £50 (again, yes please!).

Obviously it would be a teeny bit lovely if you could just buy an overnight stay or a flight ticket for your travelling loved one. However, unless you have a huge budget it’s probably not a possibility. A gift card/voucher is the next best gift for someone going abroad.

3. A Travel Pillow

If you’d rather buy a practical present, a travel pillow could be the answer. There are now a few on the market.

The trtl is an innovative travel pillow that’s unlike the rest. Worn as a scarf, it has hidden plastic supports that allow you to nod off with ease in an upright position. It rolls up so that you can easily pack it in your bag or velcro it onto your bag strap. I got mine a while ago and used it on many trips until I lost it. Hint, hint, Santa.

At just £24.95, what could be better than the gift of sleep?! Find out more and read my review of the trtl here.

The Trtl - a travel pillow for those on the go
trtl travel pillow

4. Electronic Gadgets

If you want to buy something practical but you have a bigger budget, there’s a whole world of perfect presents for travellers.

A tablet or an iPad (including the iPad Mini) will undoubtedly be appreciated by most travellers, especially travel bloggers. Similar to a laptop, but with less of the bulk, they can be used on the go to read stories (books, magazines, blog posts etc), to listen to music, to surf the net…pretty much everything except make a cup of tea. There are loads to choose from.

For a more personalised present, you could download the latest travel apps in advance.

A camera is also a must-have item for most travellers, again, especially travel bloggers. There are loads of options out there, so if you know your stuff and have a big budget go for it.

However, a camera is a bit of a personal decision so if you’re unsure or you don’t have the budget, a gift card for Amazon or a department store like John Lewis would work well.

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5. Gorgeous Globes

Back to the pretty stuff and for wanderers who like to travel, but also like to have a place to call home, these gorgeous, hand-painted globes are a beautiful accessory for any home.

They come in a range of colours, designs and sizes.

If you don’t want to spend as much, the classic globe is an alternative. I have this simple black globe at home from John Lewis.

Fun Travel Gifts
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6. Upgrades

Know the travel plans of your special someone? Why not get in touch with the hotel to upgrade their booking from a standard room to the next level?

If you can stand the anticipation, don’t tell them so that they enjoy the surprise on arrival.

And if you have a smaller budget, most hotels will gladly organise a bottle of bubbles or cakes in the room.

Perhaps the hotel has an onsite spa, so maybe you could even organise a little treatment for their visit. Just give the hotel a call or drop them an email in advance. Remember to tell them that it’s a surprise.

7. Experiences

So, you know their travel plans but you don’t want to spend your budget on their overnight stay. Book an experience package for their chosen destination.

Whether it’s a city bike tour, or a hot air balloon ride, whatever your budget you’re bound to find something they’ll love you for. Viator and Expedia offer loads of packages and vouchers for a range of experiences all over the world, or if you have something particular in mind, go direct to the organiser.

If your travel addict friend doesn’t have any immediate travel plans, you could still book an experience to help them explore their local area and see their home town through the eyes of a visitor. As an example, London has loads of great spots for Afternoon Tea, with many offering gift packages from as little as £15 per person.

Gifts for travellers, Afternoon Tea, Fortnum & Mason

8. Luggage

In 2014 Santa bought me a gorgeous yellow Samsonite suitcase and it’s still going strong. It offers four-wheel driving, a sturdy but light case and can be used as a carry-on case. It fits enough for a weekend break, as well as a week long break.

I also have The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag, which always results in loads of compliments. It’s practical and stylish; a winning combination.

If your loved one is a frequent jet-setter, a suitcase is an ideal gift.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review
The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case

9. Lux Toiletries

The shops are filled with travel toiletry kits claiming that they’re perfect for travellers. Most of them are not. They usually include shower gel and shampoo, which practically every hotel offers.

Stylish travellers will love you even more if you buy them more useful mini-sized products and kits. Kiehls offer loads of their amazing products in bottles that are under 100ml, meaning they’re perfect for travellers. Lush also offer loads of lovely soap bars and shampoo bars that don’t eat into the precious liquid allowance.

10. Vouchers for Laser Hair Removal

Sure, you’ve got to play this one carefully and know the person well enough to be sure they won’t be offended. I’d love this gift!

A laser hair removal session is great because nobody wants to faff about with stubbly legs when you’re travelling.

11. Photo Shoot

Gift a Flytographer or Localgrapher session. It’s basically an open air photoshoot with a proper photographer during your travels.

12. Currency

Yes, money really does talk. If you want to make it cuter, divide bigger amounts into envelopes labelled with what it’s for – dinner, cocktails at sunset etc.

13. An Airport Lounge Session

Help make an exciting trip even more exciting, by gifting an airport lounge session. There are some great ones out there with spa treatments, great food and drinks. It’s a lovely way to start a trip.

14. Baby Travel Gear

Looking for the best travel gifts for him or her? If they’re new parents who love to travel, consider buying them some baby travel gear. From Mini-Explorer Milestone Cards to travel cots, the world is your oyster.

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Are you a traveller? What’s on your gift list? Are you buying for a traveller? X

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  • I think you can never go wrong with a travel voucher. Nice list!!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Thanks very much. I’d never say no to a voucher or two!

  • Emily Ray 7 years ago Reply

    Love these ideas – especially the trtl <3 Would definitely recommend products to your readers (especially my personal favourites, the cosy pillows!) x

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Love the cushions, mugs – well, everything! Great shout!

    Hope Santa brings you a trtl :)

  • A Lady in London 7 years ago Reply

    Great ideas! I love that we published our Christmas gift guides on the same day.

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    Thanks, Julie! We’re clearly on the same Christmas wavelength :)

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    This list is so, so great! I’m totally sending this to my family (mother, I would like the trtl, please).

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    To Silvia’s mother -> Pleeeeeeeease. (I think) She’s been really good all year.

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    So many great gift ideas here I may just have to buy myself one!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    I like your style! I might have to treat myself too :)

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    Love some of these ideas Char! I may just send your whole blog post to Alex as a hint! ;)

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    Glad you like them! I think that’s a great idea – no pressure Alex!! ;)

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