Things to Do in London in One Day

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I like visiting London for one day, two at a push, but anything more and it stresses me out. So if you’re looking for classic touristy things to do in London in one day this post is for you.

Best of all, most are super cheap. You could easily pick a few from the list for 24 hours in London.

1 Day in London

One day in London
One day in London

1. Eat in Soho

A short walk from Oxford Street will lead you to one of the coolest places in London. It’s full of restaurants and cafés serving every kind of cuisine you could think of.

Fellow vegetarians should head straight to Mildreds for some seriously tasty dishes. Fellow sweet tooth munchers should skip mains and visit Snowflake. However, if you want to be strict with your purse simply wander this neighbourhood admiring the views, people, and inevitable street entertainers.

2. Visit China Town

This part of London smells divine. The aroma of fresh broths and noodles linger in the air alongside giant lanterns. There’s always plenty to look at, from buskers to foreign delicacies in the many shops. It’s a great place to take a wander.

3. Meet Shrek

If you’re visiting London with kids consider a visit to Shrek’s Adventure. It’s an entertaining interactive experience near Westminster.

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4. Ride the Tube

For outsiders, the odd few stops on the Tube can actually be quite enjoyable. My little boy loves it.

Musicians sing their heart out for your pennies as you climb the seemingly never-ending escalators. Quirky art pops up when you least expect it. And of course, there’s that famous phrase ‘Mind the gap’ said in your most Landan accent.

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5. Explore the Natural History Museum

You could easily spend 4-6 hours, but if you’re trying to pack a lot into one day you could see a decent amount in 2 hours. The building is gorgeous, especially the entrance section.

Plan ahead online by deciding what you want to see. I took my 4-year old and 5-year old nephew and they LOVED the dinosaurs.

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6. See Downing Street

This is an easy tick, taking up no time really. Don’t venture out of your way for it though.

The Downing Street sign has been used on so many news reports and passed by so many leading decision makers. There’s something special (and a little ridiculous) about being so close to such worldly decisions. Turn around too and you’ll be able to see a sneaky peek of the London Eye.

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7. Explore Westminster

London, Westminster

Westminster is full of so many amazing buildings and views – Parliament, Westminster Abbey (where the Royal wedding took place) and of course, legendary Big Ben. It’s super touristy in this area, but everyone heads there for a reason. You can enjoy a lot without spending. 

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8. Dine in the Sky

Head to Sky Garden – an impressive skyscraper offering views of the city. At the top you’ll find Darwin Brasserie – a great spot for lunch or dinner.

Alternatively, but still pretty special go to the Coppa Club for dinner in an igloo by the River Thames!

If you’re visiting London with kids and have a bit more money to spend I’d suggest a meal at the Rainforest Cafe instead.

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9. Go for Afternoon Tea

There are loads of spots for afternoon tea in London – just make sure you book in advance as they’re popular. In fact, it’s one of my favourite things to do in London and usually the main reason for my visits.

Enjoy visiting London. X

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