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by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Things to Do in Munich #7POW

There are loads of things to do in Munich. This city is a crowd pleaser.  It's one of those places that you...
Gourdon, things to do, things to do in Gourdon, France, south west France, Lot, Pictures, Photos, Travel Blog, Travel Blogger, Review

7 Pearls of Wisdom for Exploring Gourdon in France

So you’ve made it off the tourist track in south-west France and into Gourdon. A small town that’s perfect for...
New York Skyline, New York, Skyscraper
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

That Time I Got a Free Flight Upgrade

I look back on all of my past adventures with my sister with a big smile. Though that time we...
Blogging for Beginners, Press Trip, Fam Trip

Blogging for Beginners: #7POW on Press and Fam Trips

With the recent Taylor Hearts Travel one year milestone passing not too long ago, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve...
Cook Islands, Best Honeymoon Spots, Honeymoon

The Best Honeymoon Spots #7POW

A honeymoon is the ultimate excuse to book THE most amazing trip ever. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your...
Bali things to do, Volcano Trek, Sunrise, Sunrise volcano trek, Bali, Ubud, Travel Blog,
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Amazing Experiences You Must Do in Bali

Warm, smiling happy faces fill the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. These friendly souls can’t wait to greet you....
Cycling Holiday, Cycling Holiday Tips, Travel, Austrai, Headwater Holidays, Travel Blog, Taylor Hearts Travel, taylorheartstravel, electric Bike, E Bike

Cycling Holiday Tips for First-Timers #7POW

Cycling trips aren’t just for Lycra clad health freaks. You don’t have to train for weeks on end or splurge...
Pico-Ruivo, Madeira, Portugal, Madeira Tips, Travel Blog, Madiera, Madeira Tips

Madeira Tips and Travel Blogs: #7POW

Madeira tips you wanted and so Madeira tips you’ll get. This post goes out to last week’s reader request. Although...
Adelaide, Australia, Landscape, Things to do in Adelaide

Things to do in Adelaide: #7POW

Adelaide, you were almost mine. You made me re-think what I thought Australia was all about and you excited me...
Circus, Circus Circus, Things to do in London, Flame Thrower, Unusual, London

Things to Do in London: #7POW

Thankfully there are loads of amazing things to do and see in London. So when a lovely reader got in...
Polignano a Mare, Travel, Blog, Travel Blog, Taylor Hearts Travel, Italy, Europe, Puglia, Apulia

Things to do in Italy: #7POW

Eight days in Puglia, southern Italy (the ‘heel of the boot’ to be precise) is just not long enough to...
Airport Lounge, Stansted, Lounges, Airport, No 1 Traveller, No.1 Traveller, Review, VIP

No.1 Traveller: An Airport Lounge

Stepping into the No.1 Traveller lounge at Stansted Airport is like entering a world of serenity and relaxation despite a nearby bubbling...
Directions, Map, Office, Indian, Visa, India, Embassy, Application Centre, Goswell Road, London, Tips, Advice, how to apply for an Indian Visa
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

How to apply for an Indian Visa: #7POW

Getting a visa can be a tricky business. For some, popping down to the High Commissioner’s application office sounds very...

Insider Tips for Detoxing at a Health Retreat: #7POW

So, you’ve booked a stay at Juicy Oasis, huh? Or perhaps you’re thinking about visiting a health retreat or going...

Packing for Active Travel: #7POW

Forget maxi dresses and skinny strap tops. Packing for an adventure holiday or a health retreat is a whole different...
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