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Thanks, but No Thanks

Since getting pregnant practically everyone has asked how having a baby will impact my travels. I guess it’s a valid...

A Life of Adventures

There’s nothing like a bit of reflection to make you appreciate (even more so) the amazing places you’ve seen, the...
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Guilty Secrets: The Travel Edition

As I write this I’m currently indulging in a guilty pleasure of mine; a cheese toastie (made with Wensleydale and...
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I’m on The Travel Hack Team!

I’m super excited to let you know that I’m now part of The Travel Hack team!   A Top Ten...
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IPW 2015: A Private Party at Disney and Lots More

“Did you have a nice holiday?” It’s the classic question you’re asked when you return from a break. Nice, nice?...
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What’s Your Travel Evolution?

There used to be a time when I’d scoff at travellers who spent their precious pennies on airport lounges, premium...
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I’ve Won a Trip to Orlando!

I’ve won a trip to Orlando! Can you believe it?! It took a while for the news to sink in,...
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Taylor Hearts Travel Monthly Gossip

Welcome to this month's round-up of travel gossip here on Taylor Hearts Travel. You'll find out what I've been up...

A Day in the Life of a HABB

HABBs?  You know, the term for husbands and boyfriends of bloggers. Obviously. I know you lot exist. I've seen you...
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by: Taylor Hearts Travel

What Happens When Your Travel Dream Comes True?

So, what happens when your dreams come true? Aren’t dreams supposed to be just that – dreams? They’re not for...
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Taylor Hearts Travel – Finalist in The Bloggers’ Lounge Blogger of the Year Awards

Yesterday I discovered that I have been chosen out of hundreds as one of the top five bloggers in the...
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What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Do you follow your heart or your head? What kind of traveller are you or does it depend on the...
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Blog Hop: Behind the Scenes with Taylor Hearts Travel

I’d be rich if I had a pound every time someone asked me how I found the time to blog....
Company Magazine

Taylor Hearts Travel Featured in Company Magazine

Dream big because big dreams can come true. This very travel blog, Taylor Hearts Travel, is currently featured in the...
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Shortlisted for “Best Female” #BloggerAwards14

Taylor Hearts Travel has been shortlisted for the lowcostholidays Travel Blogger Awards! I have been grinning and jumping around my living...
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