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by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Egyptian Cookies Recipe

Watching your friends or other half jetting off to a shiny, new destination doesn’t do anything at all for persistent...

A Taste of Italy: Tuscan Soup

It goes without saying that Italians know how to cook. Pizza and pasta probably spring to mind, but what about...
Elderflower Champagne Recipe

Tasting England: Elderflower Champagne Recipe

This Elderflower Champagne is very close to my heart. Not only am I sharing a taste of my home country,...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Flatbread Recipe: #SundayServed

You won't be able to resist going back for seconds and thirds with this European flatbread recipe. You don't need...
Spring Jars, Dessert, Healthy, Jam Jar, Jar, Vintage, Quirky
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Spring Jars: #SundayServed

Have you noticed that spring has sprung? The past couple of days have been warm enough to create a tasty,...
Laundromat, Iceland, Pancakes, Review
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Icelandic American Pancakes

Is there such a thing as Icelandic American pancakes? Yep, yes there is. Get yourself over to Reykjavik if you...

Ceviche Recipe ♥

Nom (image courtesy of Sunday Brunch) Ceviche is a growing trend here in the UK at the moment and as...