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Visit Iceland! The Ultimate Guide to Reykjavik

Are you planning to visit Iceland? It seems everyone is at the minute! I’ve received a few emails asking for my advice...
Blue Lagoon Spa Tips

7 Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon Spa

The Blue Lagoon Spa (in Iceland) is an ever popular experience on travel wish lists. Escaping the freezing elements by...
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by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Icelandic American Pancakes

Is there such a thing as Icelandic American pancakes? Yep, yes there is. Get yourself over to Reykjavik if you...
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The Secret to Seeing the Northern Lights

Eyes wide with anticipation, we approached the pebbled icy water edge and nervously scanned the sky for the so called...
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The Black Death of Iceland

Icelandic 'Black Death' (or Brennivín as you may know it, or even svarti dauði if you're Icelandic), needs little introduction. Let's just...
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The Runtur

We had almost thawed out from the blistering wind that beat our faces like an unrepentant thug. We were tired...
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Reykjavik Street Art

When I visited Reykjavik (the capital city of Iceland) earlier in the year I was captivated by the totally cool...