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by: Taylor Hearts Travel

The Perfect Family Holiday to France

If you’re looking for the perfect family holiday to France let me introduce you to the Languedoc-Roussillon region. During the...
Disneyland Paris Christmas, Disneyland Paris Christmas Reviews, Disney Christmas, Disneyland Paris, Disney Paris, Euro Disney

Disneyland Paris at Christmas

Disneyland Paris at Christmas is exactly as you’d imagine; full-on festive cheer, cold and heaps of fun. I've made a...
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The Ultimate 7 Things to Do in Nice #7POW

Whether you have 24 hours in Nice or 24 days, you really can make the most of your time in...
Things to do in Cannes, Cannes, France, Travel Blog, Travel lifestyle blog, Martinez Cannes, hotel martinez cannes, Cannes shopping festival, fragonard

Things to Do in Cannes #7POW

There’s a lot more to Cannes than glitzy yachts, millionaires and fancy cars. Believe it or not, you can get...
Le Cavendish Hotel, Le Cavendish, Lord Cavendish, France, Cannes, Cannes Hotel, Boutique, Travel Blog, Blog, Taylor Hearts Travel, Review
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Open Bar & Free Cake in Cannes: Le Cavendish Hotel

Perhaps you’re lucky (or hard working) enough to stay in stylish and unique properties around the world, or maybe you...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

FrogBurger: The Best Burgers in Paris

I went to Paris and I ate a burger. There - I said it. Sorry, I know some of you will...
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Paris’ Best Kept Secret: Hotel La Trémoille

A romantic, luxurious weekend in Paris requires a stylish, boutique hotel. One that isn’t pretentious, but instead welcoming and friendly....
Paris, France, Romance, Romantic, #7POW, Tips, Pearls of Wisdom, Travel Tips, Weekend in Paris, Weekend Paris, Breaks to Paris

Seven Tips for a Romantic Weekend in Paris #7POW

Ah, Paris. It’s claimed to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, if not the most romantic....
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by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Traditional AND Alternative Christmas Breaks #7POW

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is less than one hundred days away. If like me you love the...

Medieval Promise in Sarlat

Sarlat, France (south west France to be precise) is definitely a lot more touristy than nearby Gourdon and sleepy Cazals. However,...
Gourdon, things to do, things to do in Gourdon, France, south west France, Lot, Pictures, Photos, Travel Blog, Travel Blogger, Review

7 Pearls of Wisdom for Exploring Gourdon in France

So you’ve made it off the tourist track in south-west France and into Gourdon. A small town that’s perfect for...
Cazals, Cazal, France, Lot, South West France, Photos, Photo, Pictures of Cazal, Travel Blog, Review, Blog

Get Off the Tourist Track in Cazals, France

You'll find the sleepy town of Cazals just a short drive from the touristy spot of Sarlat in France. You'll know...
Les Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac, Marqueyssac, Marqueyssac aux candelles, Dordogne, Perigord, France, Hedge maze, Travel Blog, Review, 2014, Guide, Music
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Noteworthy Romance at Marquesyssac aux Chandelles

Walking through Les Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac on their summer special Marquesyssac aux Chandelles is without a doubt one of...
Rocket, Salviac, Sky, Clouds, France, Storm, Travel Blog,
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

The Storms of Salviac

You haven't seen a storm until you've seen a Salviac storm. The dancing swirls of grey creep up on you, pulling you...
Domaine Lourejou, Pure France, Salviac, South West France, Villa, Pool, Rental, Holiday Home, Family, Big, Luxury, France, Review, travel Blog

A Luxury French Country Home

Home sweet home...or at least it was for a week. My first minutes of arrival took me down the lavender lined...
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