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Full Moon Surprises in Thailand

Ask anyone what they associate with Thailand and they’ll reply ‘full moon’. Flashes of backpackers covered in neon paintings dancing...
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Amazing Experiences You Must Do in Bali

Warm, smiling happy faces fill the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. These friendly souls can’t wait to greet you....
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How to apply for an Indian Visa: #7POW

Getting a visa can be a tricky business. For some, popping down to the High Commissioner’s application office sounds very...
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Sleeping with Toads in Goa

Horrendous. That was my immediate thought when I asked about my most memorable sleep during my travels. Seconds later I...
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Tel Aviv in Photos

So, it turns out Tel Aviv (Israel) gets two massive thumbs up. “It’s one of the best places I’ve been...
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Travel Job: Teach Abroad in Korea

There are loads of reasons why a lot of us are looking for ways to incorporate travel into our daily...
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The Mystery of Israel

Have you ever considered Israel as a destination that you’d like to visit? To be honest, it hadn’t really crossed...
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Komaneka Red Light Dinner

If there’s ever a time to be indulgent and super romantic, it is definitely in Ubud (Bali). Oh, and yes,...
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Komaneka at Tanggayuda, Ubud (Bali)

Infinity pool, views of the rice fields, sunshine - what's not to like?! We are your family and you are...