Staying at Casale Panayiotis Hotel in the Troodos Mountains

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A stay at Casale Panayiotis hotel will make your heart sing as soon as you arrive.

The ‘Little Treasures’ wooden shop sign is the first pointer of what’s to come at independently owned, Casale Panayiotis, in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus. If you’re anything like me, you’ll immediately know that you’re going to love your stay at this 4* ‘hotel’. And the term hotel is rather loose, at least in terms of conventional hotels.

Casale Panayiotis Cyprus in Review

casale panayiot

Press/Ad/Affiliate: Casale Panayiotis and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation hosted my stay. This post may contain affiliate links.

Casale Panayiot Rooms

You won’t find a standard block of rooms. Instead, cobbled pathways sweep past vintage cars, up uneven stairs, and underneath canopies of grape vines. Rooms are spread throughout the village; some in clusters of three or four, and others a bit more sporadically with beautiful views over the mountains.

casale panayiotis village
The village
Cyprus, Visit cyprus, Troodos Mountains, Hotel, Boutique hotel , Travel Blog, Review, Rural Cyprus
The views of the Troodos Mountains

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Room 25

I stayed in ‘room’ 25. The term room is, again, very loose. It is in fact an apartment, a mini-house, a fairytale home from home. It’s definitely unique and the complete opposite of a cookie-cutter hotel room.

It’s largely due to the spiral staircase that sweeps from the living room and dining room, up to the two bedrooms, bathroom and huge balcony. It’s pretty much a Cypriot manor!

Room 25 at casale panayiotis Cyprus
Room 25

The exposed stonework is the second reason to fall in love with room 25 (though there are many reasons). It’s one of those rustic-modern, fancy but down to earth kinda rooms. You’ll still find a TV in the living room, but you’ll also find a traditional fireplace. You’ll find a lovely dining table for four, but you’ll also find beautiful Cypriot candle holders. The fusion works well.

Room 25 at casale panayiotis Cyprus
Room 25
Cyprus, Visit cyprus, Troodos Mountains, Hotel, Boutique hotel , Travel Blog, Review, casale panayiotis
Rooms at casale panayiotis Cyprus

Whilst it’s pretty dark inside, a visit to the large balcony from either of the two bedrooms will get you your vitamin D fix. The views over the mountains are beautiful, especially at sunset and sunrise. A glow of dull gold just covers the landscape.

Room 25 at casale panayiotis Cyprus
The view from room 25
Room 25 at casale panayiotis Cyprus
Kicking back in room 25
Room 25 at casale panayiotis Cyprus
Views from room 25

If you want to be closer to nature head downstairs and out onto the shared terrace. Pretty flowers and bright green leaves spill out from the ledges. Locals tend to the grape vines. They’ll happily share the fruits of their labour with you too if you give them a smile.

Room 25 at casale panayiotis Cyprus

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Casale Panayiotis Spa, Library and Shop

There’s an onsite spa which sadly I didn’t have time to try. It looks beautiful, looking right out over the mountains. It’s impressive, that’s for sure.

There’s also an event space with a banqueting table and curved bar, a library/office area, and an adorable shop selling sweet things like lavender pouches. Of course, they’re all tucked away in different coves of the hotel, but it’s fun trying to find them.

Casale Panayiotis Cyprus
Casale Panayiotis Cyprus bar
The bar
The shop at Casale Panayiotis Cyprus
The shop

Byzantino Restaurant

Breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant. You’ll need to wander down the cobbled streets to find it. Beautiful crockery line the walls of the breakfast room. Sadly the food isn’t as exciting or pretty as the decor, but it does the job.

Byzantino Restaurant at Casale Panayiotis Cyprus
The restaurant

Dinner is a lot more fun. Deciding between a table in the conservatory space, outside overlooking the beautiful views or inside in the charming restaurant is a difficult dilemma. Choosing from the varied Cypriot menu is also tricky. Waver for a minute or two and the waiter will soon be telling you what you’re having, so if that’s not your thing order quickly.

The food is very typical of Cyprus – lashings of halloumi, fresh fish, vine wraps…it’s all extremely delicious and very filling, so wear your comfy clothes.

Dinner at Casale Panayiotis Cyprus

When you can’t take anymore retreat to the candlelit patio for a drink underneath the stars, or then again if you’re lucky to be in room 25 you could always scarper off to your private balcony.

Dining at Casale Panayiotis Cyprus

Rooms start from as little as €51pp with breakfast. They’re not lux glossy, but more fancy down-to-earth (if that’s a thing) and such amazingly good value. You can find out more and book here.

Does Casale Panayiotis look like your kind of place? Have you been to the Troodos Mountains or to Cyprus?

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