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Buddies is a restaurant in Northampton. It’s an American diner serving incredible burgers. It serves loads of other things, but it’s the burgers that people come for – that and the legendary pouring cheese.

The Original Buddies Restaurant

Buddies is actually now a franchise with many restaurants throughout Northampton and even as far as Towcester way.  The original – and best Buddies in my opinion – is in Northampton town centre, on Dychurch Lane. It’s really small and whilst I think it serves the best variation of Buddies (because they do all differ slightly), I’m really fond of it because I’ve been visiting since I was a kid. Many years ago a fire broke out and caused a lot of damage, and I was so worried it was the end of Buddies, but it thankfully it survived.

Buddies Menu

The Buddies menu is huge. As in the menu will cover your face and you’ll need a map to navigate it. I love getting lost in the endless burger combinations and over the top desserts. Elvis, Big Bird, Schwarzenegger, Spiderman, Barbara Streisand, Fat Boy…there’s literally a burger (an outrageously amazing burger) for everyone at Buddies.

If you’re a fellow vegetarian fear not – you don’t have to miss out on the burgers. You can go for a spicy bean burger (my favourite) or a fake meat version. Some of the burger toppings include meat, so just make sure you skip those ones. I have three classics that I usually rotate – Zero Tolerance (cheese, lettuce, gherkins, tomato and mayo), Santa Fe (guacamole, onions and cheese) and Acme (cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato and mayo). Writing them all down, they sound kinda boring, but they are so good my mouth is watering as I type this and I’m plotting when I can next visit.

Jay always picks a different burger. We’ve been visiting for years and years, but there is always something new for him to try and he’s yet to sample the whole menu. He usually goes for one that’s topped with extra meat, but has been known to try the weirder ones that include things like peanut butter. If you have a big appetite you can size up all the way to a XXL-double (two 8oz burgers).

Buddies Northampton, Burger

Without a doubt though, we always, always, always have the pouring cheese on our fries. It’s the ultimate American dream.

Buddies Northampton, Buddies

If you’re not a fan of burgers, Buddies also  have poutine, mac n cheese, salads, New Squid on the Block, nachos, sarnies – you name it, they do it.

Buddies Desserts

I’m a little ashamed of the fact I don’t have a photo of one of their desserts to show you. I can’t even imagine how many I’ve eaten over the years, but what can I say? They’re just so deliciously dreamy that they are always devoured in seconds.

Buddies serve about twenty different ice cream sundaes that arrive in cute retro glasses. Think knickerbocker-glory but waaay better. Harry’s Platter (a homage to Harry Potter – a plate of ice cream, sparklers, peanut M&Ms, cream and chocolate sauce), Mint Stint (vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce and after eights) and Roloblade (yes, full of rolos) are just some of my favourites. I guess I’ll just have to pay another visit so I can get a few pics for you.

Buddies Delivery

From February 2018, Buddies Northampton has started offering a delivery service from a special home delivery menu, serving postcodes NN1 to NN5. I’m yet to try it as I’m not in that area, but you can bet that I will when I move! To order, simply choose your items from the delivery menu and call the number.

Why Buddies?

Why not?! Whenever I meet anyone who is heading to Northampton I absolutely insist that they visit this American diner. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s like any other small town burger joint. Oh, no, Buddies is the one and only. Literally, if I have an occasion to eat out I always choose this place. Last week’s visit was courtesy of a very special occasion indeed. It was Wednesday.


Things to do in Northampton, Buddies, restaurants in Northampton, restaurants northampton, Northampton, Northamptonshire, Travel Blog, blog

Mains, desert and soft drinks will set you back about £30 for two and it’s worth every penny.

Address: The Old Mission School, Dychurch Lane, Northampton, NN1 2AB.

Buddies website

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  • […] Ah my true love. Buddies Northampton serves a ridiculous number of over the top and delicious burgers. Their pouring cheese is legendary and their sundae list is incredible. It’s an American diner and one that I’ve written a whole post about here. […]

  • […] Buddies is an institution in Northampton. It’s become so popular that there are lots of branches in and around the area. However, the original branch in Dychurch Lane (Northampton town centre) might as well be the one and only. It’s an American style diner with exposed brickwork, enough memorabilia to open a museum and the best burgers in town. […]

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