7 Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon Spa

Iceland, Reykjavik

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Spa is an ever popular experience on travel wish lists. Escaping the freezing elements by dashing into geothermal waters is pretty special. To help maximise your R&R, here are my Blue Lagoon tips

7 Blue Lagoon Spa Tips

Blue Lagoon Spa Tips

1. Wear a Hat

“The water can really make your hair knotty and sometimes even affect any dye in your hair. You must wear a hat”, explained one newly found Icelandic after another. ‘Special’ conditioner is supplied in the changing rooms, so smother that on your hair before you go into the water.

Put a cheapy shower cap (like the free ones you get in hotels) on and then your woolly hat on top. This will protect your hair and ensure it feels baby soft when you leave the Blue Lagoon Spa.

The hat also keeps your ears warm as you bob around in the water. After ten minutes in the spa, the visitors (now with bright red ears from the chill) that had initially laughed at us were soon wishing they had a hat too.

Blue Lagoon Spa Tips

2. Pre-Book Blue Lagoon Spa Entry

Book early and online to ensure you definitely go to the spa. Don’t be indecisive and see how you feel when you’re there. The spa is near the airport so chances are your transfer will drop people off at the spa en route. Upon seeing the Blue Lagoon Spa, they then wish they had purposefully made time to visit. You’ll regret it if you don’t go.

You can book directly on the website (you’ll get a 2euro discount), or many operators like Viator offer packages that include transfers (the prices start from a modest £21.20*).

3. Timing is Everything

Personally, I think a mid-morning slot is better as it’s quiet. However, part of it is luck I suppose. A lot of people seem to visit either early, or late – basically just before their flight home, or when they land.

In the summer months (May – September), afternoons tend to be quieter. If you have the space in your schedule, book one of the transfer packages where you’ll be picked up from your accommodation and returned back. It will mean you get to enjoy the Blue Lagoon Spa without too many others.

Blue Lagoon Spa Tips

4. Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, make some sarnies up and buy some snacks from a local supermarket. Take them with you and discreetly eat them in the lobby overlooking the beautiful spa. That’s what we did and it saved us a lot of money.

If you haven’t been swimming for a while, don’t think you won’t need to eat. Floating in a spa and swimming induces a mighty belly rumble. There is a nice café, a swim up bar and even a fancy restaurant on site, but they are a little pricey. If you’ve got the budget though, go for it as the food looked great.

5. Go Bare Face

It may sound obvious, but don’t wear make up in the spa unless you want to end up with panda eyes. Even if you’re not planning on putting your head under water, the steam and moist air will smudge your mascara.

Also, if you really want to maximise your visit, you’ll want to put the (free) silica mud on your face. You’ll find various points dotted around the spa as you swim around the waters. Simply take the lid off, ladle the blue-white gloop into your hands and rub it into your skin. It is known for magical conditioning wonders. Plus, it makes a good photo.

Blue Lagoon Spa Tips

6. Go Mid-Week

A lot of people rush in and out of Iceland, only staying for a long weekend. If you can, stay for a week, you’ll be able to visit the Blue Lagoon Spa on one of the off-peak days, which are Tuesday and Wednesday. It also means that you should be able to spend a decent time in the spa, rather than just a quick hour.

7. Explore

Once in the water it can be tempting to seek out those extra hot little points around the spa. You’ll find them by heading to little groups huddled at the edge of the water. However, make sure you swim around to ensure you see the whole site. There is a swim-up bar and lots of little corners waiting to be discovered. When you’re finished in the pool, go up to the roof to get a good photo opportunity of the Blue Lagoon Spa.

I loved my visit and I’m sure you will. Along with the Runtur and the Northern Lights, it really is an amazing Icelandic experience. If you have any questions or other suggestions, please feel free to drop me a comment. X

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Blue Lagoon Spa Tips

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