How I Blog, Travel, Work and Mama

Let’s start with a few disclaimers;

This list isn’t by any means the only stuff I do, but let’s face it, adding the lot would make the title far too long.

I’m not in any way saying that I have a harder juggling act than you. You could easily replace any of the responsibilities with ones that are relevant to you – exercise, vlog, study…yada yada.

Oh and for the record, I’m not one of those people who thinks because they’ve got kids they automatically think their life is harder than those who don’t.

However, I’m often asked this question so I thought it was about time I put fingers to keyboard.

The Basics

In case you’re new here, I have a 21-month old son and another baby on the way. I have a regular job and my travel blog is a side-income and passion. I probably don’t need to say this, but I adore travelling!

How I Blog

I tend to publish one new post a week. When I first started out I used to blog every single day. It didn’t seem like a lot at the time as I spose I was enjoying something that was shiny and new. Plus, I was catching up on past trips so had lots to write about. I was also baby-free and less sleep deprived  back then!

These days I find that I have less free time to blog and armed with all the knowledge I’ve gained over the last few years I find a lot of my time is taken up with things like editing photos, replying to comments and scheduling social media updates. Basically the stuff that goes into one blog post takes a lot longer than just an hour.

These days I also prefer to write longer posts and would rather go for quality, over quantity.

I tend to write blog posts on my lunch breaks. I’m sat at a desk, with no home distractions so I usually find it easier that way. I then add photos, SEO data and the other stuff during an evening at home. The same applies for the blog posts I write over at The Travel Hack.

I also usually clear my inbox during a lunch break or if it’s really full I’ll dedicate an hour or two in the evening to blast it.

How I Work

I have a part-time job that’s unrelated to travel or my blog. I work three full days a week, which in theory leaves two free work days to blog. Sounds pretty jammy, right?

Before I had my little boy I worked full time and when he was born I switched to work three days in the office and two days at home. However, I found trying to look after an energetic toddler and a busy inbox just too stressful. I felt like I was failing at both things, so I reduced my hours.

It saved my sanity, but it doesn’t mean that I have two free days to dedicate to blogging.

Another plate that I spin in terms of work is my Mini-Explorer Milestone Cards. Orders can come in on any day and I usually package them up and send the next day. As I only have to add a small note and the address label I manage to squeeze this task in alongside whatever else I’m doing. Spreading family travel fun is one of my fave things to do!

How I Mama

You know those mums who say their child naps for a few hours in the afternoon or both morning and afternoon *gasp*? They get all their jobs done for the day and if they’re lucky, a chance to have a sip of hot coffee.

Yeah, I’m not one of them.

My mini-explorer doesn’t like to nap during the day and quite rightly, doesn’t want to play on his own. That means that on my two non-work days he needs my attention all day long. Admittedly it’s intense and exhausting. It’s rewarding though and I love it as I know he won’t always want to hang out with his mama.

It means that I don’t blog during those two days. It used to stress me out, as I’d constantly be thinking about how behind I was getting, but now I’ve accepted those days are non-blogging days.

On the three days I work in the office, he goes to nursery. I drop him off and pick him up on my way home. He loves it there and I really value the experiences he has. They do so many more fun activities than I could come up with and the social element is really important to me.


How I Travel

I use my annual leave allowance from my day job and my non-work days to travel whenever I like really. We have a home with a mortgage, so we’re not constantly on the road. Instead we go on lots of mini-breaks in the UK and overseas, and a couple of bigger, long-haul trips throughout the year.

Travel has been something that I’ve always found time for, no matter what’s going on in my life. It’s a way to escape daily life, a chance to relax, a moment to explore and broaden the mind. It’s basically my answer to everything.

If we’re not on an adventure, weekends tend to be for family life – boring things like chores, but also fun things like day trips in the UK.

Does it Work?

Sure, there are weeks where I’d love to spend more time writing or more time travelling, but for the bulk of it, this precocious balance I’ve got seems to work.

Mini-explorer number two is due imminently and I’ve just started maternity leave (from the day job) this week, so no doubt a new pattern will soon emerge!

How do you balance and manage your commitments and interests? X

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