Birthday Celebrations Abroad

It is my birthday so I’m going to be a little indulgent with today’s blog post. Don’t worry it’s still travel related (what else would there be to talk about?).

I kinda made a rule a while ago that I would celebrate my birthdays by travelling. A small trip, or a big one, I don’t mind so long as I get to explore somewhere new. I’d rather have that over an actual present. With a full time job it can be difficult to squeeze exciting destinations into the calendar, but a special occasion (such as a birthday) is a totally plausible excuse. If you haven’t used this reasoning, then you really ought to start taking advantage.

Looking back, I’ve had some pretty amazing birthdays:

Melbourne (Australia)

They say you either love Sydney or Melbourne, and I am 100% a Melbourne lover. I spent three weeks in this Australian city (as part of a round the world trip) and loved every second.

Melbourne, Australia (Federation Square)

For my birthday present, I treated made myself do a skydive over the Yarra Valley in Melbourne. It’s probably the most extravagant (and frightening) present I’ve ever received! I also caught the tram to St Kilda (a bohemian area in Melbourne) for dinner and cocktails with a couple of awesome friends from home and some new ones from Oz. It’s been six years since I went and I’d love to visit again to see what’s changed.

Goa (India)

Goa was such an exciting and awakening adventure. Power cuts in the middle of nowhere, gigantic toads in the tent, and dreamy, remote beaches. It really was an escape from everyday working life.

Mandrem, Goa, India

At the time the bombings in Mumbai had just happened, so Goa was on a high security alert. We scrapped the planned trip to a local nightclub and had a birthday meal with some locals and a cute dog named Edie.

Goa, India

I should probably also mention that we had no idea what we were ordering as we couldn’t read the menu, and so we ended up with about fifty million pakodas for our dinner.

India, Goa, Eating in Goa, What to eat in Goa, Pakodas

I can’t say it was the most delicious birthday dinner I’ve had, but it was certainly funny and the champagne helped.

Budapest (Hungary)

This has to be one of the cheapest breaks I’ve ever had. Two nights in a fantastic boutique hotel, flights, the opera house, AND the famous spas set me back just over £100.

Budapest, Hungary, Cheap hotel in Budapest

I’d go back in a heartbeat – there was so much to see and do. I spent my actual birthday evening watching an opera in one of the boxes. The tickets were ridiculously cheap (mere pounds) as they were classed as restricted view. I was prepared to not see any of the show and to just enjoy the grand architecture, but in the end my view was more than fine.

Budapest, Opera House, Hungary

Copenhagen (Denmark)

It was so cheap to get to this wintery city (I think about £60 return) and the hotel (Wake Up) was really affordable too. However, everything else was pricey. Even shopping in the equivalent of Aldi was tough. Thanks to good bit of pre-booking I still managed to enjoy the ICEBAR, Tivoli Gardens, and my personal favourite, an evening of jazz on a canal boat.

Copenhagen, jazz boat, jazz boat tour, Denmark, Danish jazz

We were the only foreigners and didn’t really know what to expect. We took our cheap cans of beer and thought it would be a mild evening with some mediocre, but pleasant music.

Copenhagen, cheap drink in Copenhagen, Denmark

Well, the locals were up dancing, so much so that the windows were steamed up. We bopped along to the outstanding  jazz players, wearing Cheshire cat grins right through until the next day.

Marrakech (Morocco)

After the last few birthdays being in colder climates, I’m really looking forward to spending this one in a sunnier destination. I cannot wait to celebrate my birthday in this colourful city.

Who know’s what this list will look like in ten years time…!

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