80 Cheap Gifts for Kids Who Love Travel

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Looking for cheap gifts for kids who love travel? I’ve got you covered with this epic round-up of amazing fun travel gifts for mini-explorers. They tick the budget price bracket and score super highly on the unique, fun and cool factor. Not a bad combo, eh?!

I’ve curated lots of affordable travel gift ideas for children in this mega post, though to be honest some of them are also fab travel gifts him and her (that’s dad and mum, in case you were wondering!).

If you’re on a budget I’m pretty sure these cheap presents for kids will be appreciated by your niece/nephew/son/daughter and by their parents.

So let’s get started…

Over 80 Cheap Gifts for Kids Who Love Travel

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Cheap Presents For Outdoor Explorers

1. Wellies for Kids

Every kid loves splashing in muddy puddles, so gift them Kid’s Wellies!

Wear them to the farm, for woodland walks and well, everywhere! This is particularly true in England as a rainy day is never too far away.

Want to make this cheap present a bit more special? Make a little treasure map and keep it rolled up in the boot. You can adjust it depending on the age of your little one. Alternatively, bundle this gift up with some of the other travel present ideas on this list.

2. Childrens Binoculars

Gift a pair of kids binoculars – the ultimate piece of any explorer’s outfit. Whether they’re just toddler binoculars used at home for a bit of role play or out on a walk to spy birds, there’s no doubting littles love to play with binoculars (proven by my two).

This cheap pressie also goes well with a free printable checklist – be that butterflies, birds or leaves. It’s a lovely personal touch to add to suit the child’s interests.

Childrens Binoculars
Children’s Binoculars

3. Childrens Rain Jacket

Ignore the elements by gifting a children’s rain jacket

. Come rain or shine, encourage their adventures without limitations.

4. Junior National Trust Membership

Why not consider a Junior National Trust Membership (or Royal Oak Foundation for US readers). For just £10 per year under 18s can access National Trust sites for free or at a reduced price. Members also receive special guides and inspiration for adventures.

Bear in mind that under 5s can visit most sites for free, so it’s not worth it for really little ones.

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5. Bug House For Kids

My two love staring at bugs, insects and well, any creatures! Nurture that curiosity and love of the outdoors with a bug house kit. Trusty Google can help with any questions that are bound to crop up from little ones.

Bug House For Kids
Bug House For Kids

6. Kids Flashlight

Every hardy mini-explorer needs a kids flashlight. Opt for kids head torch if they’re really into exploring or just a classic kids torch. My two love the ones that come with lenses so you can project bugs and dinosaurs onto the wall.

7. Children’s Garden Tools

You could make your own kids gardening kit up with seeds (a few quid from most garden centres – sunflowers are always a hit with kids), little pots and a rake or spade.

Alternatively, you could buy a pre-made childrens garden tools set. Either way this is a super cute gift idea that offers some longevity. You could ask them to send you little updates as stuff begins to grow. It also encourages a bit of education around where food comes from, how much effort it takes etc which is never a bad thing in my opinion.

8. A Teepee (or Tipi)

This cheap, but impressive travel gift is sure to wow them. Choose a super cheap teepee, splash the boat on these stylish teepees (we have the navy and gold stars) or customise a cheap one with pom poms, tassles and trims.

Our teepee

9. A Pocket Compass

Introduce the concept of direction with a kids compass. Make a little treasure map and perhaps a pirate hat if you want to add a personal touch. Educational and fun.

10. Cool Watches for Kids

Got a travel-lover who enjoys running and walking? Buy them a childrens digital watch or an analogue kids wrist watch so that they can time their walks or begin to understand the concept of time a bit more.

Fun Travel Gifts

1. Lightweight Balance Bike

This is a super cheap fun travel gift as it will be used for at least a few years. It’s one of the lightest, most beautifully engineered balance bikes on the market. Whether it gets slung in the boot and taken on an exciting adventure or used for a little trip to the shops and skate park, this is a super cool gift for kids.

Orange lightweight balance bike by Micro Scooters
Lightweight balance bike in orange

2. Kids Scooter

Similarly to the balance bike, this is definitely a fun travel gift and one that keeps giving. My one-year old loves this toddler scooter and best of all, it’ll last her for a good few years.

Best toddler scooter
Micro Scooter in pink

3. Explorer Activity Kit

Create your own kit with washable pens, travel-inspired stickers and colouring books. Go for the jelly stickers if your loved ones travel a lot – they can be stuck on airplane windows and peeled off again. Alternatively, opt for this affordable Travel Activity Book, complete with stickers, games and puzzles.

Travel Activity Book
Travel Activity Book

4. Magnetic Books and Games

These are fun at home, but also on the go. The pieces stick to the magnetic board, so it’s easier to keep hold of them on flights and car rides. My two love this robot one, which has over 100 combinations.

Magnetic Robot Game
Magnetic Robot Game

5. Map Puzzle

A trusty favourite in our household, a kids map puzzle is a great way to teach them about the different countries they have already visited and ones they hope to visit.

This magnetic map puzzle is cheap, but really good quality. Nova is 3 and loves it.

Map Puzzle Game
Map Puzzle Game

6. Books For Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

There are so many gorgeous travel-inspired books for children. All with lovely sentimental messages and educational, inspiring stories. So many that I have a whole blog post dedicated to the best books for children who love travel.

Best Books for Toddlers - Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers
Here We Are

7. Foldable Colouring Mat

This Crayola colouring mat is made for children on the go. It’s foldable and wipeable so you can shove it in a suitcase or use its own carry handles.

8. Uno

Card games are all part of family travel. Small enough to be taken on adventures and fun enough for all the family. You can’t go wrong with a pack of Uno cards.

9. Kids Explorer Hat

This kids explorer hat is so cheap, but is such good quality. Hung on the wall in a mini-explorers room (like my boy’s jungle themed room) or atop their head for an afternoon of role play in this jungle, this cheap travel gift is sure to make them smile.

Kids Explorer Hat
Kids Explorer Hat

10. Apps Store Credit

There’s no denying that most kids love the iPad or playing games on their parent’s phone. Gift them some app store credit to download a movie or game. You know the parents will appreciate a moment to themselves!

Travel-Themed Puzzles and Games for Children

1. Connect 4

The grab and go size of Connect 4, a true classic game, is ideal for travel-lovers. Small enough for hand luggage and addictive enough to pass a chunk of the journey.

2. Boggle

Best suited to older kids, Boggle is a word game that usually ends up unleashing a lot of competitiveness! Again, it’s small enough to fit into their luggage.

3. Travel Tangram

Travel Tangram is a magnetic book allows little ones to make various designs using different shapes. It’s simple, but effective with young ones. Task them with making things that match the destination or leave them to it and see what they create.

4. Eye Found It

The Eye Found It game encourages little ones to engage and is perfect for on the go. It’s a hidden picture game featuring Disney favourites. It’s also super cheap!

5. Hook a Fish

My two adore this fishing game! They play it at home and on the go. It’s a magnetic game that folds away into its own tin, so perfect for adventures on the road or up in the air. I love that it’s something they can both play.

It comes with mini poles and fish for them to go fishing.

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6. Round Map Jigsaw

A twist on a classic puzzle, this round map jigsaw has 36 big pieces so it’s perfect for little hands. It’s a great introduction to understanding continents and the world.

7. Kid’s Map Puzzle With Animals

This lovely map floor puzzle encourages little ones to think about different places.

8. 4D Animal Flashcards

Bring animals of the world to life with these innovative 4D animal flashcards. Download the app, hold the phone in front of the card and then watch the animal come to life right in the palm of their hand. Nova was flabbergasted when he first used them!

9. Rocket Game

The sky isn’t the limit! Explore their imagination with this rocket game that encourages matching and counting. I love the Orchard range of games – they’re educational, but fun and always pitched for the right ages. The price is always good too, which is never a bad thing!

10. Where Do I Live?

Another Orchard game, this Where Do I live? game is all about learning different animals and where they come from. It features double-sided boards with interesting facts, encouraging memory and matching skills.

Gifts for Someone Travelling Overseas

1. Trunki Suitcase

If you haven’t heard of the famous Trunki you clearly don’t have kids. Effectively, it’s a ride on suitcase for children. I have a love/hate relationship with them, but kids just seem to adore them.

The lightweight Trunki

suitcases come in a range of super cute designs, including the well-loved Gruffalo, and can be filled like a normal case (perhaps with some of my other travel gift ideas if you’re feeling flush!). The twist is that kids can ride them.

2. Best Kids Headphones

From toddler headphones that are cute and dainty, to kid safe headphones that protect their precious ears, and impressive kids wireless headphones, there really are so many out on the market and many make cheap, but useful gifts for littles.

Kids Headphones
Kid’s headphones

3. Best Water Bottle for Kids

There are loads of reuseable water bottles on the market, but I think the best water bottle for kids are this S’well ones. They keep water chilled for 24 hours (yep, a whole day!) or things like hot chocolate warm for 12 hours.

My boy has used his for over a year and it’s still a firm favourite. He uses it both at home and on our family adventures.

4. Kids Rucksack

Backpacks are so much cuter in dinky form! Every little traveller needs their own kids backpack for important things like snacks and toys.

Kids Rucksack
Kids Rucksack

5. Sunglasses

Cool gifts for kids can be hard to come by, but you can’t go wrong with a pair of kids sunglasses. Perfect for road trips and sunnier destinations, this is a super easy gift for children.

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6. Nat Geo Kids Magazine Subscription

This is ranked as the world’s number one children’s magazine. Filled with interesting facts about the planet, gender neutral content about the environment, wildlife and different cultures, it really is a bundle of fun that helps to inspire a healthy dose of wanderlust.

Issues are published 13 times per year and arrive in plastic-free packaging. It costs from £20 per year (on offer).

7. Travel Milestone Cards

Best suited to children who are just starting on their adventures around the world, Travel Milestone Cards are photo prompt cards to celebrate family travel. A full set costs £6.99.

Baby Travel Milestone Cards, Mini Explorer Milestone cards, Family Travel Milestone Cards, Baby Milestone cards, stylish baby milestone cards, monochrome baby milestone cards, milestone cards, taylor hearts travel
Mini Explorer Milestone Cards

8. Handwriting Practice Books

Wipeable handwriting practice books are the perfect gift for someone travelling overseas because they’re lightweight, thin enough to go in hand luggage and provide entertainment.

Most, like these Peppa Pig ones, have little activities as well as the opportunity to practice letters.

Kids handwriting practice books
Handwriting practice books

9. Travel Cubes

Perhaps a more practical gift, but if that’s your jam travel packing cubes could be the perfect gift. And no doubt, will be appreciated by the parents! I’d recommend going for zipped ones that have a breathable mesh on at least one side.

10. Metal Straws

Another practical, but handy cheap travel gift – the metal straw. Shun the plastic ones in favour for a reusable, more environmentally-friendly option. This set comes in a handy pouch for on the go, as well as cleaning kit. Not bad for a super cheap gift.

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Gifts for Beach Babies

1. Beach Towel

Oh how the beach towel has evolved! From character beach towels to sand-repellent quick drying ones and light, pretty hammam towels.

Tesalate Towel Sand Repellent
Sand repelling Tesalate Towel

2. Beach Ball or Frisbee

Every kid loves a throw about with a ball or frisbee. It’s fun on the beach, but you know that this gift will be enjoyed at home in the garden or park as well.

3. Kids Inflatable

Know they’re going to the beach or somewhere with a pool? Be the cool one who buys the fun kids inflatable. Giant unicorn or donut – totally acceptable!

4. Bucket and Spade

The good ol’ fashioned, but always appreciated bucket and spade for building their own sand kingdom, collecting shells and pales of water, and no doubt, for catching crabs.

5. Pull Along Trolley

These have come down in price in the last year or two, making them a unique gift for children. Use the pull along wagon for trips to the beach – we all know how much stuff little ones have – or for pulling weary kids. Some of them even fold down, which is handy for storage when not in use.

If you can’t stretch to a big one like that, go for a toddler wagon that they pull their toys in.

6. Swim Aid

Shark fin, armbands, float jacket – there are loads of options out there. Make a little voucher for an IOU a swim session and you’ve got the makings of a cheap family day out.

7. Swim Shoes

Kids love exploring little ledges, rock pools and caverns. Encourage their fun, but with a practical gift to protect their little feet.

8. Cheap Boogie Boards

This present looks more expensive than it is. If you know they’re heading to the beach a wrapped up cheap boogie board is perfect. They’ll have hours of fun riding the shallow waves.

9. Sun Tent

Another practical, but fun cheap gift for children. Kids love hiding and playing in them, whilst parents love their UV protection and ability to fight off the wind.

10. Kids Snorkel Set

You can bet the ones in the souvenir shops are overpriced, so make them smile with this colourful kids snorkel set.

Practical Travel Gifts for Kids

1. Yumbox

Yes, Yumboxes are pricier than a regular lunch box, but they’re so helpful. Yumboxes are leakproof, food doesn’t squashed, they’re great for fussy eaters and you can be sure your little one is getting everything they need (provided you fill it up well!).


2. Stackable Pots

Along the same theme, these tin stackable pots also super handy for snacking on the road.

3. Kids Safety Bracelet

Nova loves wearing his dinosaur bracelet and I love that if the worst happens and he gets separated from me in a busy place there’s a quicker chance of us being reunited as it has my number inside it.

4. i-Pad holder for Car

Super handy for little ones off on an exciting roadtrip. An iPad seat holder simply hooks onto the seat in front to create an in-car movie screen!

5. Picnic Rug

You could choose a simple picnic rug or you could go one step further with one of those lined, foldable, water resistant ones that keep the damp out.

6. Tote Bag

Super cheap, but super useful. If you can’t stretch to a rucksack, this is the next best thing. Got a bit more money to spend? Fill it with books or other little gifts.

7. Scrap Book

Give them something they can jot down their memories in and tape souvenirs in.

8. Kid’s Hats

Whether it’s a baseball cap or beach hat for a sunny destination or a woolly bobble hat, this is another practical, cheap gift.

9. Reusable Cutlery

Mini-Explorers who travel a lot may like a reusable cutlery set. This one is made of bamboo and comes in a handy travel bag.

10. Writing Kit

Want them to keep in touch with you whilse they’re away? Make a little gift of blank postcards, stamps and pens.

Cheap Gifts for Kids Who Love Camping

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1. S’Mores Kit

Make a little bag of marshmallows, chocolate, biscuits and skewers to make their own little s’mores kit.

2. Lantern

Every camper needs a little lantern to use inside their tent. Pair it with a book for a campfire read.

3. Sleeping Bag

There are so many cute sleeping bags out there, even including some ready beds which are more like inflatable beds with duvets attached to them.

4. PJs

You can’t beat a new set of PJs and what better excuse than a camping trip?! Buying for multiple children? Get them matching ones for cuteness overload.

5. Pocket Knife

This obviously depends on the age of the little camper, but their first pocket knife can be a good, cheap present.

6. Guitar

Everyone knows a campfire means songs, so gift them their first little guitar!

7. Telescope

Look up and see the stars. Ideal for garden camping, this beginner’s telescope is a lot more affordable than you’d think and comes with its own tripod.

8. Midnight Feast Kit

This is a super easy and mega cheap gift idea for children. Make a bundle of sweets, chocolate, crisps – whatever goodies you think they’ll like. Tie it with ribbon and a label to let them know it’s for a special midnight feast.

9. Magnifying Glass

Give them a magnifying glass to explore the surroundings. From looking at bugs and stones, this is a sure winner for little campers.

10. Kids Sleep Mask

In the great outdoors the sun is sure to wake them up early and even delay them getting to sleep. These little kids sleep masks look adorable.

Super Cheap Gifts for Kids

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1. Bubbles

Every kid loves bubbles and they cost next to nothing. I usually pop some in my bag for when we’re out and about.

2. Patches

I picked up these letter patches and animal ones for next to nothing on eBay. Ironed on and sewn onto a denim jacket, they make any mini-explorer look even cooler.

Tiger patch jacket
The tiger patch jacket I made for my boy

3. Scratch Map

We have a scratch map for our family up in the playroom. Nova loves scratching off a new place when we return from a trip.

scratch map
Our scratch map

4. Camera

We have a wooden camera for our two and the love chasing me shouting “cheese, mummy!”.

5. Pilot Hat

This super cute pilot hat would make a great travel-inspired gift.

6. Foam Gliders

Usually found in party bags, these foam gliders hardly cost anything at all.

7. Message in a Bottle

In my opinion kids don’t need expensive, flashy toys. Go down the sentimental route of writing them a wish or a collection of wishes and pop them in a bottle.

8. Pirate Play

You can pick up a pirate eye patch for hardly anything at all.

9. Playlist

Yes, it may take a little while but it won’t cost you much, if anything at all, to make a playlist of their favourite songs for their next trip.

10. Socks

Not just any socks though, go for some fun explorer socks.

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