The Best Toddler Scooter

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Everyone knows the best toddler scooter is one of the Micro Scooters. Built to last, super lightweight and easy to use, they really are the best scooter for kids. Perfect for adventures at home and afar, Kit is always desperate to use hers. So much so that sometimes I have to hide hers otherwise I’d never get her to bed!

The Best Scooter for Toddler

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Micro Scooter offer a few different young kids scooter designs and admittedly it can feel a little daunting knowing which one to go for. Essentially they’re broken down as follows:

  1. Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus – sit, scoot, store. It’s essentially a ride-on with storage drawer that converts to a scooter, and also comes with a steering pole. Starts from £129.95.
  2. Mini Micro 3in1 – A ride-on, toddler scooter and child scooter. Starts from £94.95.
  3. Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe – As above (number 2), but with a steering pole. Starts from £119.95.
  4. Mini Micro Deluxe – a scooter. Starts from £82.95

You can also compare models in more detail via the Micro Scooter website using their comparison page.

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Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter

My one year old, who is soon to turn two, uses the Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter in pink. Essentially it’s a Mini Micro Scooter in pink with a seat and ‘O-Bar’. I like to think of it as the best scooter for 3 year old and the best scooter for 2 year old, though it is suitable for up to 5 year olds.

Micro Scooter pink with seat and O Bar

Micro Scooter With Seat

At the moment Kit sits on the scooter using the seat and holds on using the ‘O-Bar’, which is basically a more toddler-friendly handlebar. The seat has two height positions and can be altered in seconds. The seat height varies between 21-27cm and Kit has no trouble swinging her leg over to climb aboard!

Micro Scooter deluxe pink

The seat is lightweight, but sturdy enough to support her. Dipped in the middle, it helps to anchor her in the seated position.

The O-Bar height is 48.5cm and is as it sounds – a big circle. It’s the perfect size for her dainty hands.

Micro Scooter pink with seat and O Bar

Kit uses her feet to gain momentum, like she would on a balance bike. Down hills and ramps, or once she’s gained a bit of speed, she lifts her feet up and glides. She absolutely loves it and usually shouts “more, more!”. It’s adorable to watch!

Best toddler scooter

Mini Micro Scooter With O-Bar

The seat can be removed and the scooter can be used with the o-bar, making it an interim scooter, if you like. It’s a good way of building their confidence. The O-Bar is thinner and shorter than the regular scooter handlebar, so it’s ideal for younger scooters.

Lightweight toddler scooter

Mini Micro Scooter

And then lastly, the O-Bar can be whipped out and replaced with the regular scooter handlebar. I like to think of it as the scooter that keeps giving!

The Mini Micro Scooter is aimed up to age 5 and utilises lean to steer. Coupled with the three-wheel design the scooter is fun, safe and easy to use. It’s ideal for building confidence, coordination and balance.

Kit is almost 2 and isn’t the best at steering herself just yet, but it’s early days. She’s always super excited to hop on and seems to be a born thrill-seeker, wanting to scoot down the big ramps at the skate park!

Best toddler scooter

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Micro Scooter Brake

The innovative foot plate is designed with little ones in mind. It’s receptive to a slight press down at the rear of the plater to activate the brake. My 3 year old hasn’t mastered this yet, but I guess what child wants to slow down or stop?!

Toddler Helmet

Micro offer some super cute and effective helmets. Their latest range has an inbuilt flashing rear light for extra safety. And my personal favourite feature, the magnetic buckle.

Toddler helmet from Micro Scooter in Unicorn design
Toddler helmet from Micro Scooter in Unicorn design

When Nova was little I accidentally clipped his neck in the buckle and it took me ages to persuade him to wear a helmet again. Thankfully the magnetic clip makes it all so much easier and Kit has remain unscathed!

Toddler helmet from Micro Scooter in Unicorn design

Micro Scooter Accessories

You can also find other cool bits, like lunchboxes, gloves, bells and wheel whizzers.

Micro Scooter Accessories

Micro Scooter Offers

The best price is via Micro thanks to their lowest price guarantee. They often run discounts, sales and offers so it’s worth having a browse on the Micro Scooter website pages. If you’re not fussed on a particular colour you’ll have more luck as certain colours are often reduced. You can also nab a scooter sale bargain via the Micro outlet.

Mini Micro Scooter Pink

Micro Scooter Verdict

I love, love, love the Mini Micro Scooter 3in1 mainly because Kit loves it so much. It makes her so happy and it’s so easy to use. We can all go to the skate park together and have fun, rather than her having to watch her brother whizz about.

Balance Bike vs Scooter

I think when they’re older I’ll get a scooter too and we’ll be whizzing about all over the place!

Mummy shoes, pre schooler shoes and toddler shoes

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