The Best Time to Visit Marrakech (And Why You Need to Go)

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The best time to visit Marrakech is in December when the flights are cheap and the weather is warm (but cold back in the UK!).

“It’s our low season, so we’re offering 20% off the room prices. We’ve been booked up all year for Christmas and New Year, but in the build up to that time it’s very quiet”, one Riad owner told me in his well practiced English.

Marrakech in mid December is a traveller’s dream. It’s cheap in terms of accommodation, flights (I paid £70 for return flights with easyJet), and souvenirs. And the sun is shining. Need I say more?!

Expect temperatures to be in the early 20s and there are normally only 3 rainy days during December.

Want it to be a bit warmer? October is normally in the late 20s. Bear in mind you’ll pay a bit more for accommodation and for flights, unless you travel outside of the school holidays.

Why You Need to Visit Marrakech

Best time to visit Marrakech
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It’s Quick

From London it’s only a 3.5 hour flight, with a short transfer from the airport to the city of Marrakech.

Best time to visit Marrakech
Sunset in Marrakech

It’s Affordable

I spent a long weekend in Marrakech and to be honest, after having such an easy, cheap four days of cultural fun, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. With easyJet, you can literally get a 7am(ish) flight from London and be up on a roof terrace still in time for breakfast.

Staying in a traditional riad is super cheap and worthwhile. I stayed at Dar Les Cigognes, Riad Cinnamon and Riad 72) and all of them were lovely.

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Lots of Free Sights

Rich, ornate mosaic ceilings and beautifully intricate wooden doors catch your eyes at the most surprising of turns.

Pretty doorway in Marrakech in Morocco
Pretty doorways in Marrakech

Archways lead to narrow, neglected dead-ends that magically become entrances to hidden riads fit for a princess.

Pretty archways in Marrakech in Morocco
Pretty archways in Marrakech

You can easily spend an afternoon in Jemaa El Fna watching the street entertainers and market sellers from a comfortable lounge chair on the roof terrace of one of the many cafés.

And if you want to be in the bustle (and there is a lot of bustle), then stop by one of the friendly street sellers for a delicious juice (it will cost you less than a £1) or perhaps a traditional tagine.

Best time to visit Marrakech
Fruit markets in Marrakech

Just avoid the touristy snake charmers and monkey handlers.

The Shopping is Amazing!

Leave the square and head down one of the alleys under a blanket of clothes, into a horizon of pointy curled shoes, fresh spices and as you’d expect, stunning lanterns and lamps.

Shoes in MArrakech

What you might not have anticipated is half cows hanging from some stalls, hundreds of vintage cameras, or perhaps a passport. Whatever is on your shopping list, I can assure you the souqs will present it like an offering to the Gods.

Offer half, or even a third, of the suggested price and revel in a fun game of bartering. It’s the perfect place for Christmas shopping.

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Cheap, but Luxurious Relaxation

If that’s not your thing, or when you’re simply shopped out (and manage to locate an exit route), head to a gloriously indulgent hammam. Be steamed, buffed, and polished to absolute perfection. Forget the traditional spa. It’s all about the Moroccan hammam.

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That’s not the only relaxing you can do. For 50 Dirham (approximately £3.75) you can wander round Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle, admiring the pretty flowers and trees.

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You Can Enjoy Deserts AND Mountains

Deserts and mountains – what a combo!

For the more adventurous and free spirited, take a short car journey to the impressive Atlas Mountains. A chameleon of a landscape; browns and greys quickly somersault into burning oranges and vivid greens. Bone-dry valleys morph into crystal clear waterfalls. Trek, cycle, or even quad bike. Whatever your mode, you’re sure to be blown away.

View of Atlas Mountains from Marrakech
View of Atlas Mountains from Marrakech

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It’s Inspiring

Marrakech is so diverse, yet compact. I managed to enjoy all of those experiences in just four days.

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Best time to visit Marrakech
Best time to visit Marrakech

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  • Kasha 7 years ago Reply

    Marrakech looks like such a brilliant travel destination. I want to use a word that I usually avoid – exotic – but it just looks like one of those places that beg to be explored. It’s been on my list for ages, and I know that I need to prioritise a visit there :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    It totally is! I can hear Marrakech calling your name…! I hope you get to visit soon :) x

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  • Adam P. 7 years ago Reply

    My best memory of Marrakesh is the dinner in the middle of Djemma El Fna — a brilliant way to end the trip! Colors, fragrances of spices, heady atmosphere..You get caught up in the sensory overload of Marrakesh by simply wandering that square. A must-do for foodies, in particular. I´m very much hoping to see Chefchahouen on my next visit to Morocco!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    I can totally understand why that part of your trip stands out. The smells are so inviting! Glad to hear you’ll be visiting Morocco again. Enjoy!

  • cvail 7 years ago Reply

    I want to go to Marrakech! Great idea…and cheap too!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply


  • Carl 7 years ago Reply

    Looks well worth a visit then – looking forward to seeing what else you put up about it :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    It most definitely is worth a visit. Thanks, I hope you enjoy the rest of the posts :)

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