The Best Honeymoon Spots

Cook Islands, Best Honeymoon Spots, Honeymoon

A honeymoon is the ultimate excuse to book THE most amazing trip ever. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your travel dream (or one of many travel dreams, or even all of them) come true.

However, the reality of life can sometimes seem like it’s all too hard to make that ultimate holiday come true. ‘I don’t have enough annual leave from work’, ‘I’m scared of flying’, ‘My budget doesn’t stretch to 5*’ …the barriers are endless. That is why you need to stretch those legs and jump those hurdles with complete and utter ease. Don’t worry, help is at hand. Brides and grooms to be, here are seven pearls of wisdom  on the best honeymoon spots for all budgets and travellers:

♥  Minimal Effort, Maximum Results: Mexico

Mexico offers pristine white sands and beautiful waters, and endless accommodation options. From immaculate 5* star hotels to intimate boutiques, it caters for all. You’ll find countless restaurants and that’s just in the hotels alone. Flights from the UK are pretty reasonable considering it’s so different from the quaint countryside (around £350 return). If you want ready-made beauty, loads of accommodation, restaurant and entertainment choices, and hot weather head to Mexico. I had the most amazing time there lazing in hammocks, sipping cocktails and visiting the famous Mayan ruins, and cenotes.

Mexico, Best Honeymoon Spots, Travel Blog, Honeymoon

Mexico, Best Honeymoon Spots, Honeymoon

♥  Short Journey, Big Style: Lake District

If you own a business, you’re limited on annual leave or perhaps you’d rather not fly, stay in the UK. There are so many idyllic locations that offer classy hideaways perfect for newlyweds. Visiting the Lake District is like stepping foot in another country. Imposing hillsides, delicate streams and sweeping navy lakes create the most fairytale-like scene. If you’re lucky you might even spot a deer or two. Just a three hour drive from London, it is the perfect location for a weekend in a private log cabin on the lake. Turn the wood burner on, open the wine and enjoy your first moments as a Mr and Mrs. You can read more about this destination here.

Ullswater, Lake District, Honeymoon, Best Honeymoon Spot

♥ Long-Haul, Unrivalled Paradise: Cook Islands

If you want to live the honeymoon clichés (island life, romantic beach dinners, moonlit walks) but you long for something a bit more unique, head to the Cook Islands. From the UK it will take you just over a day to get there, but it’s bound to be worth the effort. Unspoilt beaches, boutique lodges and front row seats to Mother Nature. Forget a week, you’ll need a lot longer to make the journey worthwhile. In fact, you’ll probably have trouble learning how to function again after so much rest and relaxation. Perhaps you’ll just have to set up home in a new part of the world. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad.

Cook Islands, Best Honeymoon Spots, Honeymoon

♥  Short-Haul, Culture Vulture: Puglia

So you want to enjoy each other, but you also want to enjoy more than just your hotel room and the beach. If you want to be absorbed in a European love affair, visit Puglia. With a few hours of flying and not much money spent, you’ll soon be in a world of delicious food, fascinating architecture, and did I mention, delicious food? You’ll have to prize your loved up selves from the stunning Don Ferrante, or perhaps Masseria Cevarolo, but it’s not such a hardship when you get to sample some of the most exquisite wines and olive oils at a tasting session, or to explore the UNESCO site of Alberobello. Not so populated with tourists from the UK, make the most of this Italian region. You can read more about Puglia here.

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Don Ferrante, Hotel, Review, Puglia, Rooms, Pictures, Photos, Italy, Apulia, 2014, Luxury, 5*, Boutique, pool

♥  Unconventional Adventure: Peru

If the thought of laying on a beach for two weeks is your idea of punishment rather than pleasure, grab your walking boots. Use your honeymoon to see one of the wonders of the world, the iconic Machu Picchu in Peru. It’ll be a strenuous four-day trek and will involve camping, but the Inca Trek will reward you with outstanding views and mesmerising history. Experiencing the achievement of trekking to Machu Picchu will definitely be a holiday you’ll never forget. You can read more about this destination and find useful tips here.

Inca Trek, Peru, Heart, Lake, Pool, Machu Picchu

best honeymoon spots, Peru

Inca Trek, Peru, South America, Machu Picchu, Fog, Clouds, Ruins

♥  VIP Glitz, Humble Honourings: Bali

Indonesians will go out of their way to bring a smile to your face. No request is considered too much, so if you want to feel like VIPs on your honeymoon head to Bali. This small island offers stylish villas and infinity pools with rice paddy views. Legendary volcanoes and frequent religious ceremonies means it offers lots more than just the opportunity of relaxing. Mix rest days with sunrise volcanic treks and leisurely cycles in the local villages. Embrace the Balinese way of life and enlighten your souls. Find out more here.

Bali things to do, Volcano Trek, Sunrise, Sunrise volcano trek, Bali, Ubud, Travel Blog,

♥  Affordable and Exotic: Marrakech

Enjoy a return flight from the UK for around £70, accommodation for next to nothing and romantic feasts for a lot less than you’d expect. Oh and don’t forget the bargain hammam experience for two (like a spa trip, but better), or the beautiful day in the High Atlas. Watch the sky transform from your rooftop terrace as the call to prayer echoes all around. Admire the belly dancers and get lost in the souqs. Receive the best value for money and the most enchanting trip in Marrakech; the perfect place to celebrate your new marital status. You can read more in-depth recommendations for this city here.

Marrakech, Best honeymoon spots

So what will it be? What kind of honeymooner are you? Where did you spend your honeymoon? I’d love to hear your thoughts. X

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Comments (5)

  • Ronald Amon 6 years ago Reply

    If one day I get married , I would like to enjoy my honeymoon in one of these amazing travel destination. It is funny because I went to 2 waddings party in my life. One was in Santa Teresa Costa Rica , the other one was in Puerto Viejo at the same country… the couples told me they enjoy a lot , but I think they did not know about these spots. Great info.

  • Great list!! The only problem is that I’ve never been to any of those!! I usually like the more adventure stuff, but I think if I had to pick one of these for my honeymoon, I’d pick the Cook Islands for the ultimate luxury! Though Puglia sounds very enticing too. Actually, I think the only way to solve this problem is to visit all of them! :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks! That’s not a problem at all – simply use the list as inspiration! You could enjoy adventure in lots of ways – hiking volcanoes, trekking in the jungle, river rafting etc.

    I totally agree – you should visit them all! :)

  • Ayla 6 years ago Reply

    So I know I’m already married and have already had a honeymoon but I’m allowed a second one right?

    I’ve been to a couple of these places but they all look and sound wonderful. The Cook Islands is one of my favourite places in the world and we weren’t even staying in a luxurious place when we were there so that shows how idyllic it is.

    Morocco and the Lake District are both high on my list of places to go so I might try and persuade Alex into a second honeymoon :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    If you’re having a second one, so am I! I had no idea that you’d been to the Cook Islands – I’m going to scour your blog for daydreaming material.

    The Lake District is beautiful and such good value for money. A couple of hours of driving and you’re transported to a fairytale world. It’s bliss. Morocco is equally as accessible and affordable. I think you need two second honeymoons just to be sure!

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