Is Mama’s On Washington Square Worth The Hype?

Yes. 100% Mama’s on Washington Square is worth a visit for breakfast, brunch or lunch. I think it’s the best breakfast in San Francisco. And I can’t be the only one because there is always a queue to get a seat at this place.

Mamas San Francisco

Mamas on Washington Square in San Francisco
Mamas on Washington Square in San Francisco

Is the Food at Mamas the Best Breakfast in San Francisco?

The food at Mama’s on Washington Square is phenomenal. Greedy portions, indulgent menu choices and tempting in every way possible.

Locals come here regularly, tourists flock here and locals who have since moved away make special trips just to come back for a good ol’ slice of Mama’s.

Breakfast spread at Mama's San Francisco
Our breakfast spread at Mama’s San Francisco

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As soon as you get inside you’re led to the counter to place your order. The menu is a tempting sight and a big, foodie dilemma.

menu at Mama's On Washington Square in San Francisco
The menu at Mama’s On Washington Square

Do you go for the fresh Dungeness crab; the cooked breakfast or a fresh stack of pancakes covered in sweet syrup and berries? Or how about a side of Mama’s grilled potatoes, the much raved about French toast, or the bacon?

A fluffy cappuccino or a freshly squeezed orange juice?

Fresh crab at Mama's in San Francisco
Fresh crab at Mama’s
Pancakes at Mama's in San Francisco
Pancakes at Mama’s
Cakes and sweet treats at Mama's
Cakes and sweet treats at Mama’s

Well, you don’t decide. You simply go all out and order the lot! After all, you’ll only be here once, right?!

Every single mouthful is heavenly (okay, sinful) and makes you sigh with sheer and utter delight (especially the blueberry stack of pancakes).

Blueberry pancakes at Mama's
Blueberry pancakes at Mama’s
Blueberry pancakes at Mama's
Blueberry pancakes at Mama’s
Eggs at Mama's
Eggs at Mama’s
Eggs at Mama's
Eggs at Mama’s

Tip: You’ll need to bring cash or a debit card as they can’t accept credit cards.

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Legendary French Toast at Mama’s

The French Toast is more like what us Brits would call cake. The banana version tastes like banana bread and is so filling that you’ll probably have to get it boxed up to take away. I give you a whole hour until you delightfully scoff the lot.

French toast at Mama's
French Toast at Mama’s
French toast at Mama's
French toast at Mama’s

Tip: Arrive with an empty stomach AND an empty bladder. There’s only one small loo, so don’t get caught out! 

Where is Mama’s San Francisco?

You’ll find Mama’s on Washington Square at 1701 Stockton Street, San Francisco.

You can’t miss the emerald green canopy as you walk up through China Town to Washington Square, or I guess down through North Beach depending on where you’re staying.

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As you near the stable door entrance, the team chat about the specials, where you’re from and well, everything and anything. All the staff at Mama’s, seem hardworking, down to earth and incredibly friendly.

The stable entrance at Mama's
The stable entrance at Mama’s

Unless you’re in on the secret, you could easily walk straight past Mama’s (or not even venture up this way). The decor is old fashioned, homely and not particularly stylish. However, it just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

If you walk through China Town you’ll end up walking alongside Washington Square Park and if you’re lucky you’ll see the locals practicing their dancing tai chi movements in the sunshine. It’s one of the many eclectic vibes that’s so intertwined with this hippy city.

Tip: Walk up nearby Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower afterwards to work off some of the calories.

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Opening Times

Tuesday – Sunday at 8am -3pm.

Tip: You can’t reserve a seat, so be prepared to wait a little. I waited an hour on a Saturday at 9.30am.

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Mamas on Washington Square San Francisco
Mamas on Washington Square San Francisco

Have you been to Mama’s or San Francisco? Is it somewhere that’s on your list? X

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