Is This the Best Belly Dancing and Dinner in Marrakech?

Looking for somewhere to see belly dancing in Marrakech? Try Comptoir Darna.

Recommended as a top spot for a delicious dinner in Marrakech and even better entertainment, Comptoir Darna is the restaurant to visit in Marrakech. More like a club-restaurant, it’s a stylish fusion of Arabian Nights and Soho London.

Watching Belly Dancing at Comptoir Dana

Is This the Best Belly Dancing and Dinner in Marrakech
Is This the Best Belly Dancing and Dinner in Marrakech?

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You’ll need to book ahead to ensure you get a table. I’d suggest a 9pm seating at the earliest so that you can enjoy the party atmosphere.

There are two floors, with the ground level being the more formal dinner area and upstairs feeling more like a bar lounge.

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Comptoir Darna Dress Code

Ladies, if you’ve had a little black dress hanging in your wardrobe for some time, this is the place to wear it.

The staff wear tighter and shorter ones than I’d perhaps dare, but they do look pretty hot. Plus, they look underdressed next to their late night friends.

I played it safe, in a leopard print red number.

You’re not allowed to wear sportswear, shorts, caps, hiking shoes and men aren’t allowed to wear sandals. Basically, get dressed up.

Comptoir Darna Marrakech

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Comptoir Darna Menu

The Comptoir Darna menu features Moroccan classics and more familiar westernised dishes.

Everything that I tried was bursting with tasty flavours. Really, really lip-smacking good flavours. Even the complimentary olive, sundried tomato, and plain rolls were delicious.

I went for the assortment of seven Moroccan salads, which arrived on a tower of, you guessed it, seven plates. Heads turned as the waitress presented little me with plate after plate. Ever the obliging guest, I devoured caramelised pumpkin, glazed courgettes, sumptuous tomatoes…the rest is a bit of a foodie blur.

Comptoir Darna Marrakech

Jay was a little more restrained and went for the soup of the day.

My main was heaven on a plate, though Jay is quite adamant that his was the best dish. Despite the website listing salmon in a teriyaki sauce, the restaurant menu is correct. It’s salmon with tandoori sauce and it is divine.

The mashed potatoes with homemade crisps are a delicious side-kick to the plump salmon.

Food at Comptoir Darna Marrakech

On recounting his encounter with the shredded lamb in Atlas Mountain herbs Jay looks as though he might melt. He swears it is the best lamb he has ever had and that he’d quite happily go back to Marrakech to eat it all over again.

Lamb at Comptoir Darna Marrakech

I doubt him and think his memory is tainted because that’s the point in our evening when the belly dancers arrived.

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Brace yourself for dessert. Seriously, you know I love chocolate and am fully qualified to certify a true chocolate masterpiece.

Dessert at Comptoir Darna Marrakech

The waiter did a double take when I tasted the first mouthful of the rich ‘molten dark cake’. I don’t remember if I groaned or said ‘wow’, but either way he got the message. Compliments to the chef and then some. 

I’m told the caramel tart with smooth toffee and homemade sorbet is delicious too, but quite frankly I only have eyes for the molten.

Dessert at Comptoir Darna Marrakech

Oh and you can find the Comptoir Darna drinks menu and prices here.

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Belly Dancing at Comptoir Darna

We’d been told Comptoir Darna was where the best belly dancing was showcased and we definitely enjoyed the show.

You’ll see ladies carrying massive trays of candles on their head, not to mention sexy ladies shaking their booties. There is so much going on that you won’t know where to look. It is amazing and really well choreographed.

Belly dancing Marrakech

I was really praising the dancers to Jay, saying how sexy yet classy they were and that I loved it was tasteful, when typically, one hopped up on a neighbouring table. Sighting the 20 euro note she clearly fancied some pocket money and notched up the shimmy shakes to another level. That said, it was never vulgar and I still enjoyed it all.

Belly dancers at Comptoir Darna Marrakech

Comptoir Darna Music

The club opens at 8pm, but it’s really by about 11pm that the DJ on the second floor is ready for the partying to start and the music really gets going. It finishes by 3am.

Comptoir Darna Opening Times and Address

The address is Comptoir Darna , Avenue echouhada hivernage, 40000 Marrakech.

The restaurant is open every evening from 8pm to 1am and you can reserve a table online. If it’s booked up on your date you could try this alternative option for belly dancing and a dinner in Marrakech.

Tip: Book a taxi as we had trouble trying to find one.

All in all it is an amazing evening and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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Belly Dancing and Dinner in Marrakech Morocco
Belly Dancing and Dinner in Marrakech Morocco
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