Is This The Best Balance Bike for 3 Year Olds?

Lightweight balance bike in orange

The best balance bike for 3 year old has surely got to be the Micro Balance Bike. My three year old, Nova, has had a balance bike for the last year or so. He barely touched it, showing zero interest. However, that all changed when he got his hands on the lightweight Micro Balance Bike.

Lightweight balance bike and Micro Scooter Deluxe in pink both by Micro Scooter

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Thanks to its light frame his confidence has soared and he loves whizzing around the skate park on his speedy small balance bike.

Previously he was too scared to take his feet off the ground. Now, he’s up and down the ramps trying to gain more momentum.

It really has been such a big change for him and I genuinely think it’s all down to how light and small this toddler bike is. His birthday is approaching and I think it’s the best balance bike for 4 year old too.

Orange lightweight balance bike by Micro Scooters

What is a Balance Bike?

Just so we’re both on the same page, a balance bike is a no pedal bike. A small bike that typically a toddler or pre-schooler (18-months to about 4 years old) rides on their own. Their feet touch the floor so they can ‘walk’ or ‘run’ the bike, lifting their legs up once they’ve got enough momentum to glide.

Small balance bike by Micro Scooter

Can a 3 year old ride a bike? Most learn to ride a bike between 3 and 8 years old, with the average age just over 5.

A balance bike is said to help children learn to ride a bike. It’s an interim bike, if you like. One to help build confidence and to begin to understand about balancing. Most importantly in my opinion, a bike for fun!

3 year old riding balance bike

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So what should you look out for when buying a balance bike and what one really is the best balance bike for a 3 year old?

A Balance Bike for 3 Year Old: 7 Reasons Why The Micro Balance Bike is the Best

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1. It’s A Super Lightweight Balance Bike

This balance bike is made from aluminium, so it’s super lightweight at just 2.8kg (like a couple of bags of sugar and half the weight of many others on the market).

You really do want the lightest bike because it means it’s easier for them to pull it up from the ground and therefore, more likely to go ahead and use it. Like most balance bikes, it doesn’t have a stand because it doesn’t need one.

A light bike frame also makes it easier for them to balance on it, which helps in building their confidence and coordination.

You also want a super lightweight balance bike because inevitably at some point you’re going to end up carrying it!

Lightweight balance bike in orange

2. It’s a Small Balance Bike

This is a small balance bike. There are no unnecessary bulky parts, no chains or mechanical bits and it’s a pretty streamlined design. It doesn’t take up much boot space, so you can easily fling into the car when you want to take it on your family days out.

Orange lightweight balance bike by Micro Scooter

3. Easily Adjustable Seat Height

Wondering what size bike is good for a 3 year old? It’s kind of irrelevant with the Micro balance bike because the seat height is adjustable.

Don’t you use just love features that make parent life that little bit easier? Use the catch to raise or lower the seat height to suit your toddler or pre-schooler. It takes seconds. You don’t need to faff about with kids bike height charts, but if you want some reassurance it goes from 13″ to 15.5″ or 33cm – 39cm.

Orange lightweight balance bike by Micro Scooter

4. Easily Adjustable Handlebars

You can also move the handlebars up or down (51-53cm) to make it the best balance for your child. Just use the allen/hex key (included) to loosen the fixing, raise or lower, and then tighten. You can do it in less than a minute and is part of the reason for number 5 below…

5. It’s the Best Balance Bike for 2, 3 and 4 Year Olds

It’s the best toddler bike because it’s perfect for sharing with siblings and friends. Both Kit (almost 2) and Nova (almost 4) love going on this balance bike. As I can adjust the height in seconds and it’s so lightweight they are both on and off it all day.

As it can be adjusted it’s also great for growing with them so you really get your money’s worth. Similarly the designs are bright and fun, but not garish or faddy so they’re going to love it whether they’re 2 or 4.

Lightweight balance bike aka the best toddler bike

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6. It’s Beautifully Engineered

Micro have earned a professional, reliable trusted name for themselves. No doubt you’ll have heard of their brilliant Micro Scooters. They’ve used those skills and that iconic Swiss design to create a simple, effective balance bike that’s robust, hardwearing and built to last.

Micro Scooter Balance Bike wheel

7. Seven Colour Options

This no pedal bike comes in seven colours; orange, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and silver. You can choose Micro Scooter accessories to further personalise the bike (or scooter) and experience, like cute gloves, lunch boxes and toddler helmets that light up.

Monster toddler skate gloves

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Overall Verdict on the Micro Balance Bike

I think this has to be the best balance bike for a 3 year old. The difference in confidence and capability of my 3 year old using his old bike and this one is massive. You can introduce your toddler to a bike from as early as 2 years old (or a few months before if you have a keen one, like Kit!). With this balance bike you can be rest assured that it will be used for a good few years.

3 year old riding balance bike

It’s one of the lightest on the market and super affordable from just £49.95, which is just £16.65 per year if you use it for the full age bracket of age 2 -5. As it’s made to last, the cost per use is even better because you can then pass it on to a sibling or friend.

It also makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift because you don’t need to faff about measuring your loved little one.

What’s not to love?!

You can read more and buy on the Micro website.

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