Babymoon in Barcelona

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I’m not sure if the ‘babymoon’ is a new trend or just one that I was oblivious to as I wasn’t pregnant, but either way as I’ve had a honeymoon I’m going to roll with it. Any excuse to travel and that!

Tomorrow evening I’m going to Barcelona and I cannot wait. The weather is in the thirties (hello sunshine), which is enough of a reason to get excited in my books. However, there’s more to it than that.

Firstly, I’m going out there on behalf of The Travel Hack. As most of you know by now, I’m part of The Travel Hack team (recap here). I’m going to be reviewing a four-star hotel in the city. It has a rooftop pool and it looks gorgeous, so I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ll also be putting together a city guide for you, highlighting all the best bits – it’s going to be tough to narrow it down.

Barcelona, Taylor Hearts Travel, Travel blog, UK Travel Blog,

Our Babymoon

I’m also rather giddy with excitement because my Mr will be joining me on this trip. With only three-months to go until Baby Taylor arrives (again, recap here), it’s a perfect babymoon, aka our last overseas trip (possibly…!).

Barcelona means a lot more to me than that though. It is one of my favourite cities in the whole wide world partly because it’s where we got engaged over four years ago. To go back together, but now married and with our big bump is going to be so special. I can’t wait to show him all of our favourite places and to discover some new ones. The only thing I’m slightly sad about is missing out on the amazing jugs of sangria. Next time, I guess!

Barcelona, Taylor Hearts Travel, Travel blog, UK Travel Blog,

Barcelona, Taylor Hearts Travel, Travel blog, UK Travel Blog,

Your Tips

So, if you have any tips, recommendations and places you think I should check out leave me a comment below. I’m flying out Friday evening so you’ll need to be quick.

Follow the Journey

You can follow along via my Instagram, Twitter and FB accounts, but I’ll be posting lots more up on The Travel Hack Instagram, Twitter and FB. X

P.S. If you’re wondering how I’ll cope with a big bump in the heat, check out my recent post for The Travel Hack.

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Comments (10)

  • Heehee, I’ve seen “babymoons” cropping up quite a bit lately and just like my “minimoon” I say go for it! How lovely that you were able to go back to the place where you got engaged with bump :)

    That’s exactly my thinking! Off for our UK babymoon this weekend :) Got to make the most of these trips and any excuse will do! x

  • Go on a Gaudi walking tour – his architecture is insane, and book your Sagrada Familia (if you haven’t been) in advance – the queue is much much smaller!

    Really good tips, thanks. Did both last time and loved them, especially La Sagrada! We stayed in a cute hotel opposite, so woke up to those views every morning. It’s such an epic building!

  • Dale 4 years ago Reply

    It must feel fantastic to return to a city that has such a special place in your heart for not only the singular reason of it being a beautiful city, but also where you both got engaged. Now even Baby Taylor is going to visit too (in a way :) ).

    My personal tip would be to visit Torre Bellesguard. It’s a smaller Gaudi building than most of the more regularly visited of his buildings, but it’s the smaller size and quieter side of it that makes it all the more special.

    You’re so right, Dale. It will always have a hold on my heart. We’re hoping to go back in another four years so that we can show Baby Taylor around :)

    Awesome tip! Thanks so much.

  • I love this idea of a babymoon! What you miss in sangria I’m sure you can make up for in paella and tapas eating. Definitely worth visiting the main market and also to go to Montjuic and see the Poble Espanol village of different house styles built for the Great Exhibition

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    That’s very true! Baby is quite happy for me to eat ALL the food in the entire world!

    Yes, I love the market and Montjuic so will definitely be paying a visit, thanks. I’m no familiar with the Poble Espanol village so will look that up – thanks. x

  • Jenny 4 years ago Reply

    I’ve never been, so I don’t have any tips, but can’t wait to see your photos as it’s high on my list of places to go! Enjoy your babymoon! Hopefully they make nonalcoholic sangria!;)

    Thanks so much, Jenny! Fingers crossed :)

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