The Second Overseas Trip with Nova: 5 Months Old

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My mini-explorer’s second trip abroad was to a place I wanted to visit even before he arrived; Jersey. It turns out it’s the perfect place to travel to with a baby, so perhaps it’s true that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I wasn’t meant to go there before, as it was marked out for our family travel adventures.

The Airport

Nova has outgrown his sling, so this time we took our Quinny Yezz Air travel stroller. We bought it specifically for our travels as it’s lightweight and compact. It was SO easy wheeling him through the airport and it doubled up as a highchair when we grabbed a quick bite to eat. Well, perhaps not such a quick bite for him. It takes longer than you think to eat a mushed up banana!

We used the stroller up until we boarded the flight, leaving it at the stairs to the plane. Easy peasy!

Quinny, Quinny Yezz Air

The Flight

Despite being the largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey really is a tiny, little island. It’s just a 40-minute flight from London Luton and budget airline, easyJet, fly there so the short journey and low prices are ideal for young families.

Nova loved his second ever flight. He got called a little charmer about a million times, each one spurring him to flash another of his big, wide gummy smiles. By the time we hit the runway he was settled down for a feed and stayed in relatively sleepy milk coma. And by the time he started to wake we were hitting the runway again, but this time in Jersey.

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We flew on a Friday evening over candyfloss clouds and as we descended the sky danced in purples and pinks. It was a great wind down for the start of a relaxing break.

Family Travel Blog, Baby Travel, Family Travel

Once we landed it was a quick walk through the small airport to the luggage carousel and then a short ten-minute drive to our hotel for the weekend, The Atlantic Hotel. We pre-booked a taxi with a car seat for Nova so it really was a super easy transfer. Maybe not as easy as our hand luggage only days, but I think it’s fair to say that they’re long gone now.

The Stay

The hotel was more than accommodating for life with a little one. They whisked our bags away and cooed over him, which kept him happy while we checked-in. We had a big room on the ground floor, with plenty of space for his Nuna SENA cot. The hotel had kindly offered the use of one of theirs, but we always stick to his own one as we know he sleeps well in it.

We woke to a beautiful sky and headed off to breakfast. Nova whinged through breakfast and the lack of background music was evident. We learnt our lesson and the next morning took advantage of breakfast in bed!

Atlantic Hotel Jersey, Jersey, Channel Islands, Family Travel Blog, Baby Travel Blog

Later that evening we were lucky enough to enjoy some fine dining in the restaurant. The food was absolutely incredible, as were the wines. Even the sunset was beautiful. Nova was teething so grizzling anyway, but he decided that a romantic meal on a Saturday night was not for him.

Atlantic Hotel Jersey, Jersey, Channel Islands, Family Travel Blog, Baby Travel Blog

Jay and I played tag team, taking it in turns to walk Nova in the lobby while the other one ate. The staff were really understanding, topping our plates with those fancy silver lids so that our food didn’t get cold each time we had to distract the little man.

Atlantic Hotel Jersey Review (89)

I guess we just didn’t want to spoil anyone’s romantic dinner with the sounds of an unhappy baby. As we didn’t actually eat together we ended up in bed excitedly telling each other about our amazing feast.

Atlantic Hotel Jersey, Jersey, Channel Islands, Family Travel Blog, Baby Travel Blog

Baby Travel

Much to the surprise of the hotel staff we decided to head out on a near ten-mile walk to Elizabeth Castle. To be honest, it was the novelty of being able to walk out from the coast to the castle during low-tide which pulled us in. Plus, walking in a new place is a great way to get a flavour of the destination. Oh and obvs, the rocking motion sends Nova to sleep for a cheeky nap, which makes for an ideal time-out for mama and dada.

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We climbed hilly lanes and raced down winding pathways that skidded into gentle roads. We passed quiet churches and sleepy cafes that are yet to open for the summer season. Despite the blue skies it was bitterly cold, with the wind enjoying Nova’s hamster cheeks and my eye make up. By the time we walked the low-tide to the castle we were more than ready to warm up in the café.

Family Travel Blog, Baby Travel, Family Travel

Unlike our last overseas adventure Nova is now starting to enjoy solids (well as solid as pureed foods goes). We make all of his foods ourselves using his Baby Bullet, but for a short weekend break it’s not practical to take all of that kit and any pots we make up wouldn’t keep fresh enough for the journey. For this trip we decided to take Ella’s Kitchen pouches and a little spoon. Who knew that packet prunes could be so tasty?! Nova demolished them while he warmed up.

Family Travel Blog, Baby Travel, Family Travel

The journey home was much of the same, that is until we picked up our stroller from the luggage carousel. Turns out the Quinny Yezz Air isn’t invincible and the luggage staff destroyed it. It was snapped in two so badly that we couldn’t even use it. We had to carry our deceivingly heavy baba all the way back to the car. That’s after we queued for ten years at the desk to report the damage. Luckily four days later we received the full money for a replacement stroller, so I guess it’s not the end of the world. It’s just instilled the fear for future travelling with baby equipment!

All in all, my mini explorer loved his second overseas trip. Bring on the next one…only one week to wait!

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