The Third Overseas Trip with Nova: 5 Months Old

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So my little jet setter’s third overseas trip took us to the beautiful island, Mallorca. He’s notching up a great little collection of destinations, isn’t he?! I keep telling him how fortunate he is to visit so many places before his first birthday. He just grins at me, though I suspect he doesn’t quite get it yet as it’s the same animated grin that he gives me when I sing his favourite nursery rhymes.

Baby Travel, Family Travel, Mallorca, Taylor Hearts Travel

^^Daddy & Nova

The Airport

We used a new stroller for this trip. Our Quinny Yezz Air got destroyed on our last flight with easyJet (recap here), so they paid for a new one for us. We only had a window of one week before our next flight and as the Yezz Air was shipped in from Italy we had no choice but to order something from a UK store.

We went for the Maclaren Mark II Buggy, as it’s so lightweight. We travel a lot (obviously!) so we can’t be doing with lugging anything bulky or heavy around.

Baby Travel, Family Travel, Mallorca, Taylor Hearts Travel

^^Me, Luca and Nova

Shop the look…

We also travelled with our trusty Nuna SENA travel cot and this time we braved taking our car seat with us. We hired a big nine-seater van for this trip and rather than hire three car seats which would have racked up £80-100 per car seat, we each took our own as a piece of checked-in luggage. This meant it only cost us about £20 each.

We wrapped it in bubble wrap and nervously dropped it off with the cot at the oversized baggage desk. Luckily it reappeared at Palma airport all in one piece and likewise when we returned home to London Luton airport. Such a relief!

Flying with a Baby

For his third trip we flew with budget airline, easyJet again. Mallorca is popular with families so this time the flight was filled with other little people, though I only saw one other ‘proper’ baby (hopefully you know what I mean).

It was both equally reassuring and nerving to see other children. It relaxed me as I knew if Nova started wailing on the flight it would take a while for the other passengers to figure out which child was causing the commotion. As much as I probably shouldn’t admit it, it also unnerved me as I didn’t want two-three hours listening to someone else’s child screaming.

I should probably point out that on this occasion as well as travelling with our little five-month old, Nova, we also travelled with our two nephews; an 18-month old and a 2.5 year old.

You don’t need to say anything. I can read your mind. The expressions on the faces of some of the other passengers said it all too; trouble.

Baby Travel, Family Travel, Mallorca, Taylor Hearts Travel

As per the last flights, Nova made me a proud travel-loving-mama. With easyJet you’re called to board the plane before the other passengers. I think Nova loves this free perk more than me. He pretends he’s a judge on America’s Next top Model, watching each passenger walk down the catwalk aisle with intent interest, raising his eyebrows and dropping his jaw the closer they get.

He then rewards them with his most dazzling smile and a gurgle or if he’s not that impressed, he just stares them out. It’s a fun game. Well, I spose unless you’re being judged.

My little nephews were also pros at the flying game. From the take off to the landing, they all behaved so well, causing no dramas or trouble at all. Phew! I didn’t notice any of the other children on the flight kicking off either.

Nova had a sleepy feed for a little bit of the flight and spent the rest practicing his standing up skills. I guess he wanted to check that he’d vetted all of the models passengers. Franklin (the 18-month old) spent most of his first ever flight snacking and being entertained with games that had been downloaded onto a Kindle. Luca (the 2.5 year old) is a seasoned flier, so it didn’t bother him at all and he mostly chatted, sung and slept on the plane.

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I don’t want to jinx anything, but all these myths about flying with children only being for the brave really need to disappear, or at least scale back. I’m sure at some point or another everyone has a bad flight, but adults can cause just as much of a nightmare. I remember two supposedly grown up men having a heated argument about reclining seats on one of my long haul flights to America. Now that was fun. *Sigh*

The Stay and Milestones

Unlike our last overseas trip where we stayed in a hotel, this time we stayed in a four-bed villa. You can enjoy a full tour via photos and a video in this post.

We all had our own rooms and my little family enjoyed a big double room on the ground floor, tucked away at the end of the property.

Baby Travel, Family Travel, Mallorca, Taylor Hearts Travel

^^Sis and I

The week was pretty epic for a number of reasons. Firstly, Nova *finally* cut his first tooth. We couldn’t quite believe it when we caught a glimpse of white, razor sharp toothy peg in his little mouth. We looked at each other with a mix of relief (he’s been teething for months now) and happy, proud smiles.

If I’m honest, I also had a few little teary gulps at the thought of my little newborn no longer being a baby. I don’t know why as he’s never been a super small baby (he weighed 8lb 3oz) and seems to be doing everything quicker than the books have us believe. At this rate he’ll have a beard next week!

When we got back home the traveller in me loved writing in his memory book that he cut his first tooth overseas on one of our many adventures.

Baby Travel, Family Travel, Mallorca, Taylor Hearts Travel

^^Sis-in-law & Luca

It was also a bit of a milestone for us because during this week he began to really nail daytime naps in his cot. Night time sleeps have been fine, but for the past five months he’s been a Velcro baby in the day, only napping on me or in his stroller or car seat. If I ever dared to put him in his cot he’d scream and wake up.

If you don’t have a baby you might not understand how life-changing this step forward feels. I’ve only just stopped doing a crazy jig every time he goes down. Even though he only really naps for about thirty-forty minutes at a time, these are now slices of times where I can do things. You’d be amazed at how much can be achieved in such a short space of time.

So out in Mallorca he’d nap in his room and we’d stick the baby monitor on and then I’d do exciting things, you know like go to the loo on my own, drink a hot coffee and even reply to emails on a laptop rather than one handedly on my iPhone. *All the fun*

Baby Travel, Family Travel, Mallorca, Taylor Hearts Travel

This week Nova’s attempt at crawling reached new heights. He’s now in the perfect crawl position and rocks himself backwards and forwards, sometimes bringing one leg forward or sliding both legs forward into a face plant! Being around Luca and Franklin really helped as they’d get on the ground with him and show how him how to crawl. It was obviously just a hilarious game to them, but Nova watched and you could see the little cogs in his brain trying to figure out how to join in.

Franklin also started saying a few more words during our week in Mallorca, which was probably helped by the fact that Luca chatters away. Luca’s vocab is amazing and he can recite pretty much any word you give him.

Baby Travel, Family Travel, Mallorca, Taylor Hearts Travel


Foodwise, Nova is having two meals a day and as we stayed in a villa we took our Baby Bullet with us so that we could blend fresh food for him. He was off his food a bit, not eating as well as he normally would, but now his tooth is here we’re guessing it was that rather than eating at a different table.

As much as it was all fun and the little ones seemed to bounce off each other, it was also tricky at times with three under threes! At one time or another we found ourselves having to break away as a group to tend to them, whether that was a walk round the garden or a time-out on a naughty step. It’s all part and parcel of being a parent and family travel I guess!

Onwards and upwards to the next adventure…this week in Greece!

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