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Char Taylor. UK travel blogger, lover of stylish travel & mama. Also blogs at top ten travel blog, The Travel Hack
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Hotel Gat Folies: Parisian Zest

The view from my room Food Glorious Food If you like a hearty, mourishly delicious breakfast that brings out your...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Peruvian Art & Shopping

The Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru is a magnet for artists. On one of my many casual strolls around...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Mai Tai…Roe Ae (Out of this World)

No, I'm not talking gibberish. Well, not on this occasion anyway - perhaps after a few too many Mai Tais...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

New Year’s Eve: Staycation

A cheap staycation (image courtesy of Taylor Hearts Travel) Second up on my New Year's Eve ideas list (see the...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Peruvian Homeware

It’s only right (in my world anyway) that I dedicate a blog post to my beautiful travel treasures from Peru. After...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Shopping in Peru: Skip Lima and Hit Cusco

A local community stop on the way to the Inca Trek You can buy so many handmade, beautiful textiles and...

Should I Travel the World?

The World is your Classroom Have you ever been on a round-the-world (RTW) backpacking trip? If not, why not? I...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Treehouse Accommodation: A Perfect Mini-Moon

The adorable Tinker Treehouse (image courtesy of Westlexham) Have you ever stayed in a treehouse? I'm not talking about when...

Ceviche Recipe ♥

Nom (image courtesy of Sunday Brunch) Ceviche is a growing trend here in the UK at the moment and as...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Travel Job: Divemaster

There are opportunities to combine work (yes, paid work) and travel outside of the typical travel agent/rep/guide roles. I know...
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by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Komaneka Red Light Dinner

If there’s ever a time to be indulgent and super romantic, it is definitely in Ubud (Bali). Oh, and yes,...
Bali, Afternoon Tea, Unique, Tea, Ubud
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Komaneka at Tanggayuda, Ubud (Bali)

Infinity pool, views of the rice fields, sunshine - what's not to like?! We are your family and you are...
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How to Beat the Travel Blues

I admit I'm having a sucky day, feeling a little sorry myself. I have no reason to other than I...
Iceland, Reykjavik

Reykjavik Street Art

When I visited Reykjavik (the capital city of Iceland) earlier in the year I was captivated by the totally cool...

How to Manage a Phobia on Your Travels

Following my phobia confessions and as promised, I'm sharing my seven pearls of wisdom for facing fear when travelling. It’s my...
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