No.1 Traveller (aka No1 Airport Lounge) – Read Before Booking!

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No1 Lounges (formerly known as No.1 Traveller Lounges) are airport lounges found in select airports in the UK and further around the world.

In return for a fee, they offer a chance to escape to a private room where you can enjoy a number of features, such as showers, food and drink. But is it worth it? Are they really the number 1 lounges?

No1 Lounges in Review

No 1 Lounges
No 1 Lounges in Review

Stepping into a No1 lounge is like entering a world of serenity and relaxation. A chance to escape the bubbling swarm of stress in the main airport; panic stricken mums, struggling with babies and bags, travellers fighting with bursting suitcases, brash businessmen. During my visit it was pretty empty.

Airport Lounge
No1 Lounge

As everyone else in the airport perches on the awkward barriers as all the hard chairs have been taken by delayed passengers, ease yourself into a soft leather armchair or onto one of the sofas.

Plug in your phone and watch in delight as the little charger symbol appears.

Order a coffee from the extensive menu.

No 1 Traveller
Mine’s a cappuccino

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Enjoy complimentary food. Yes, the vegetarian selection isn’t huge and nor is the portion size, but as the cost is included in your pass, there’s nothing to stop you going for extras.

Oh, and don’t forget the cold buffet, as well as the sweet cake nibbles and crisps. You are on holiday, so calories and being healthy don’t count.

Food at No1 Lounge
Cold food buffet
Food at No1 Lounge
Food at No1 Lounge

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You will most definitely never be thirsty in the No1 Lounge. Soft drinks, hot drinks, alcoholic drinks – they’re all covered. If you fancy something a little bit more glitzy like Champagne, you’ll need to pay a bit extra.

No1 Lounge
No1 Lounge

Pick a newspaper or two for your flight. Get comfy watching the hushed TV from afar, with the music playing in the background.

Log onto the free wifi. Cheery Facebook updates, last minute language prep, or perhaps a look at the weather forecast for your destination.  Whatever it is, you can feel content that you can surf the net whilst you sip your fifth Coca-Cola, waiting for boarding to start.

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How Long Can You Stay in No1 Lounge?

You can stay up to three hours before your flight. Plenty of time to enjoy all of the perks. However, if you want longer you can pay £10 per extra hour.

How Much is Access to No1 Lounge?

The price varies on each airport, but expect to pay around £30. And in addition to the pass price, you may need to pay extra if you wish to have a shower (depending on what lounge or pass you have) or for certain drinks (like Champagne).

With all the perks you get it’s a good way of glamming up a cheap break. You can check the prices and find out more here.

Airport Lounge, Stansted, Lounges, Airport, No 1 Traveller, No.1 Traveller, Review, VIP

Overall Thoughts

It’s a nice way to start a trip. Admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve used one, but I’m not sure that I’d say this lounge is any more special than any of the others I’ve been lucky enough to visit. It’s nice, but not in a wow kinda way.

No1 Lounges

In the UK you’ll find No1 Lounges at Gatwick (north and south terminals), Heathrow (T3), Birmingham and Edinburgh Airport. You’ll no longer find them at Stansted Airport.

No1 Lounge Discount Code

Directly on the site you’ll get a discount code if you refer a friend (look out for the pop up). You’ll also avoid paying any booking fees.

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No 1 Lounges
No 1 Lounges in review

I was a guest of No.1 Traveller in 2015.

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