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Gubałówka Funicular in Zakopane Poland

Zakopane (Poland) with Kids

We visited Zakopane (Poland) as part of our family holiday to Poland. Originally the plan was to just head to Krakow (the lure of cheap flights), but I’m a mountain girl so we couldn’t resist tagging on a trip to Zakopane. If you’re thinking of visiting the area too, here are our family friendly suggestions. What to do in Zakopane Poland 1. Eat and Play There’s an art gallery on the main street (Krupówki) that you enter via an unassuming door. H…

Main Square in Krakow Poland

A Blogger’s Guide to Krakow

…apartments if you fancy a hipster spot. We stayed in Wawel Apartments when we went. The apartment was good value and worked for our family, but climbing the partly constructed stairs to get it wasn’t so fun! Got More Time? If you’ve got more time to spare in Poland, why not add on a stay in Gdansk or Zakopane. So, over to you, do you have any recommendations? Is Krakow somewhere you’d like to visit? Pin for later… Read More… Krakow with Kids – Is…

The First Trip With A Newborn and a Toddler

…would still be there when we left. I’ll share more about family travel in Poland in a separate post. The Baby I was glad that I was in the middle seat, rather than the aisle, whilst I fed Kit. As much as I’m used to breastfeeding and think it’s a natural thing to do, I still wouldn’t say that I enjoy lifting my top up in public (not that you can really see anything). I know everyone says that you have to feed your baby during take-off and landing…

7 Fun Things to do in Krakow with Kids

…weather wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be. It was colder back in England! Some days we didn’t even bother with the thermals. Have you been? Anything to add to this list? X Pin for later… Read More… Zakopane (Poland) with Kids The First Trip With A Newborn and a Toddler (Poland) Mini-Explorer Milestone Cards Baby Travel 101: Everything You Want to Know Nuna Pepp Luxx; Stylish Baby Travel Get social!…

Introducing Our Second Mini-Explorer

…urned to our next family adventures as a four. We’ve just booked a trip to Poland to enjoy the Christmas markets and pretty mountains. She’ll be three months old and Nova will be two years old, so it’ll be an exciting learning curve, I’m sure. We’re also finalising some plans for Kit’s first long-haul trip, which will likely be to Canada. We took Nova when he was six months old and it was honestly one of my favourite trips ever, so I’m super excit…

Visit Valencia with kids

10 Easy Ways You Can Help a Travelling Parent

…you only have control over one person and it ain’t the baby! On our way to Poland the lady on the row next to us turned her whole body so that she was facing us, pulled out her snacks and then watched us like a movie without blinking. Not at all helpful. ^^Shop Mini-Explorer Milestone Cards^^ Ask Okay so you want to help, but you don’t want to offend by making the parent feel like they can’t cope. Just ask them. Ask if they want a hand. Classic Br…

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Travelling with a 6 Month Old and 2 Year Old – Puglia Lowdown

…was to Puglia in Italy. If you read about our first trip with two kids (to Poland) you’ll know that one was nice, but a little challenging! So how did this trip go? In short, it was really lovely, apart from the super late flight home. Sightseeing all day then flying at 9pm and getting home at 2am is just not the one with two young kids. However, you can’t control the flight schedules and the happy holiday memories far outweigh that little blip. I…

Main Square in Krakow Poland

Krakow with Kids – Is it worth it?

…tination than not. However, now that we’ve been I’d love to go back again with Jay to enjoy the amazing beers, hipster cafes and cute boutiques. Have you been? Read More… Zakopane (Poland) with Kids 7 Fun Things to do in Krakow with Kids The First Trip With A Newborn and a Toddler Pin for later… Get social!…

Visit Valencia with kids

A City Break with a 3 Year Old and 1 Year Old

…ppened to be a longer one) was a disaster. The city break was to Kraków in Poland and I found it a bit stressful. You can recap it here. And the the flight I mentioned was for a different trip. It was at the end of last year, so only a few months ago. Basically Kit screamed and cried for all of the journey. She was teething and over tired. We’ve been so lucky in all our years of family travel, so it was bound to happen at some point, but I can tot…

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