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Luxury motorhome hire New Zealand

Luxury Motorhome Hire in New Zealand – Read This Before Booking!

…arious website information to help you discover the best motorhome hire in New Zealand, how to get a great price and how to decide on which luxury motorhome rental. I’m basically trying to save you all the hard work! Step-by-Step Guide to Hire a Motorhome in New Zealand Pin this post on Luxury Motorhome Hire New Zealand 1. Decide on a Campervan or Motorhome So let’s start with the basics – the campervan and motorhome differences. A campervan is a…

The Cost of Our Family Trip to New Zealand

…ting up our New Zealand trip costs. Can I just say the cost of our trip to New Zealand is a lot?! There are so many components to this epic family trip. Of course I love travel, so this trip is priceless, but money doesn’t grow on trees so this is also a lot to admit to in black and white. Our New Zealand Vacation Costs – The Nitty Gritty! Our Family Holiday to New Zealand We’re a family of four, including a 2 year old and 4 year old. We’ll be spe…

New Zealand With Children

Our Epic Family Trip to New Zealand – The Lowdown

…South Island. I’d spent forever researching and planning our dream trip to New Zealand and it didn’t disappoint. Sure, it ended up being double the length of time we planned due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but we actually managed to enjoy our full NZ trip as planned. Lockdown happened at the end of our trip, so the extra three weeks were like a weird add-on (we were stuck inside a small apartment, so it wasn’t exciting). I thought I’d share a pos…

Huka Falls on the North Island in New Zealand

A New Zealand North Island 7 Day Itinerary – Family Edition

…fast paced, super family friendly one that I created for our dream trip to New Zealand. It’s packed full of activities that you may have thought as off bounds for a trip with kids in tow. It’s exciting, fun and a round up of the best highlights of the North Island. We went in March and had the most amazing one week in New Zealand on the North Island. We then had a few weeks on the South Island. Your New Zealand North Island Itinerary 7 days Editio…

Family Trip to New Zealand on the south island

A New Zealand South Island Itinerary in 10 Days – Family Edition

…ealand’s South Island absolutely stole my heart. Before our family trip to New Zealand I created a 10 day South Island itinerary taking in all of the picture perfect spots, fun tourist activities and the in between. Making the schedule was fun, but living it was incredible. Honestly, I had the best time seeing the South Island highlights. How to Spend 10 Days on the South Island in New Zealand In this post I share a South Island 10 day self drive…

Lockdown in New Zealand – A Family Tale of Brits Stuck in NZ

…A city that I’ve spent the longest in during my once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand, and yet one that I’m still to see. We’re Travellers Stuck in New Zealand We’re on lockdown in New Zealand. And it may surprise you that isn’t because of Coronavirus, or Covid-19 as it now seems to be called. Well at least, originally, it wasn’t. It was chickenpox. ^A video of our life during lockdown in NZ^ How We Got S…

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Flying During the Coronavirus Pandemic – My Scariest Journey Yet

…el Diaries If you read this post on how and why we ended up being stuck in New Zealand, you’ll know there was a complete ban on flights from the South Island, as well as no ferry access. We were trapped, so as soon as the government made an exception for travellers to access domestic flights from the South Island (provided they had onward international tickets) we seized our opportunity. At the time there were talks of the lockdown being extended…

Surviving Lockdown With Kids in a Small Space – 34 Activities to Keep You Sane!

…It’s tough to say the least. Recommended Reading: How we got stuck in the New Zealand Lockdown But through the help of friends, family and Instagram we’re managing to get by. I thought I’d share what we’re doing (cos yes, at the time of writing we’re still stuck) in case you’re looking for creative ways to entertain children during the Coronavirus pandemic. Or you know, you’re nosey like me! 34 Easy Activities for Young Kids in Lockdown I use thr…

Business Class With Kids

Flying Business Class With Kids

…ts with children, my 2 and 4 year old. One 17 hour flight from Auckland in New Zealand to Doha in Qatar and then one 8 hour flight from Doha to London Heathrow. Both with Qatar Airways. Pre-Trip Kids are unpredictable and so I was nervous about travelling in business class with kids. Excited, but cautious. I was worried about stuck up passengers making remarks about my animated children and I plotted my game plan if my 2 year old embraced the terr…

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Making a New York Trip a Reality

…r a winter break, pack ALL of your clothes and layer up! I’ve also visited New York during the summer and it’s equally as extreme. The city definitely warms up and you can easily wander around in shorts and a top. It may sound silly, but if it really is your dream trip and money is tight, you may only ever get one chance to go. Think about your dream version of New York and what you want to look like in your photos – I’m sure you’ll treasure them…

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