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Char Taylor. UK travel blogger, lover of stylish travel & mama. Also blogs at top ten travel blog, The Travel Hack

Ceviche Recipe ♥

Nom (image courtesy of Sunday Brunch) Ceviche is a growing trend here in the UK at the moment and as...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Travel Job: Divemaster

There are opportunities to combine work (yes, paid work) and travel outside of the typical travel agent/rep/guide roles. I know...
Bali things to do, Red Light Dinner, Komaneka, Romantic Dinner, Special Dinner, Bali, Ubud, Travel Blog,
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Komaneka Red Light Dinner

If there’s ever a time to be indulgent and super romantic, it is definitely in Ubud (Bali). Oh, and yes,...
Bali, Afternoon Tea, Unique, Tea, Ubud
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Komaneka at Tanggayuda, Ubud (Bali)

Infinity pool, views of the rice fields, sunshine - what's not to like?! We are your family and you are...
Annual Leave Entitlement, Annual Leave, Travel Tips, Passport, Taylorheartstravel, Taylor Hearts Travel, Travel Blog

How to Beat the Travel Blues

I admit I'm having a sucky day, feeling a little sorry myself. I have no reason to other than I...
Iceland, Reykjavik

Reykjavik Street Art

When I visited Reykjavik (the capital city of Iceland) earlier in the year I was captivated by the totally cool...

How to Manage a Phobia on Your Travels

Following my phobia confessions and as promised, I'm sharing my seven pearls of wisdom for facing fear when travelling. It’s my...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Phobias: Can Travelling Help?

I'm scared to write this blog entry. My skin feels tingly and my heart is starting to race a little....
Kenya, Africa, sunset, Travel Blog, travelblog, Travel Lifestyle Blog
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Wish List Material: Ngutuni Safari Lodge, Kenya

You know those moments where you look at the person you’re travelling with in absolute disbelief. You can’t believe you...
Blog, Travel Blog, Visit Oxford, Oxford, Oxford city, Oxford England

Seven Pearls of Wisdom: Things to Do in Oxford

Oxford, how I love thee! Oxford (in the UK) is one of my favourite cities in the world. Yep, the...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Restaurant Review: Dinner in a Cave

You don't have to act like a caveman to dine in Ali Barbour's. Far from it. This unique, special and...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Seeing is Believing

I love learning through travel rather than a textbook. You can't beat it, don't you agree? I was lucky enough...
Kenya, Africa, sunset, Travel Blog, travelblog, Travel Lifestyle Blog
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

Safari – Adventure of a Lifetime or A Let Down?

Most people I meet say a safari is definitely on their dream travel list. I guess I should be pretty...
by: Taylor Hearts Travel

A Tale of Two: Rio de Janeiro & Ilha Grande (Brazil)

Beautiful, eye-opening Brazil was an experience and a half. It was somehow everything I thought it would be, but at...

Travel Job: Rock Star

Being in a band, especially a band that gets booked for gigs all over the world, or better yet, week...
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