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Thanks, but No Thanks

Since getting pregnant practically everyone has asked how having a baby will impact my travels. I guess it’s a valid question considering that I love travel so much and have my own travel blog. What’s surprising is the number of people who don’t ask that question and simply tell me that having this baby is […]

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Travel Writing Tips from a Renowned Author

Is travel writing facing extinction? Has it all been photographed and documented ten thousand times over? Should we just give up? These were the sorts of questions that travel author, Colin Thubron, opened with during his travel writing workshop in conjunction with the Royal Society of Literature. Certainly food for thought, don’t you think? Meeting […]

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A Life of Adventures

There’s nothing like a bit of reflection to make you appreciate (even more so) the amazing places you’ve seen, the exciting experiences you’ve dared to do and the achievements you’ve had along the way. Southall Travel recently got in touch to ask me a few questions about my adventures and I couldn’t wait to share […]

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Going Gaga for Travel Gossip

I have so many important things to share with you in this month’s round-up of travel gossip on Taylor Hearts Travel. The question is do I start with the super duper exciting bits of goss or the serious one? Okay, let’s get the serious news out of the way. A Serious Announcement So, it turns […]

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Travel Gossip Fix

Welcome to this month’s dose of travel gossip, where you can find out what’s been going on behind the scenes and what August and onwards has in store. More so than ever, it feels like I’ve blinked and July has literally passed me by. Now that I’m pregnant everything is counted in weeks rather than […]

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